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PRAYER AND FASTING! (transcript)

Text : Isaiah 58:6-9 There is a fast that is God's will and a fast that is merely religious, ritualistic and self righteous. The latter type of fast is used to manipulate people and show ourselves off as better than other people. There is a fast that God has ordained, that God has purposed and that pleases God.  The key to a successful fast is spiritual sensitivity and obedience. Prayer and fasting is a potent way of generating power in the spirit realm. Fasting helps us stay sensitive to God. Fasting helps us keep the flesh under. 1 Corinthians 9:27 Fasting helps us maintain our spiritual focus. Fasting is a type of sacrifice, and God respects our sacrifice for Him. We fast because the Bible encourages it. We fast because our Lord Jesus fasted and e is our focus and model. We fast because 'man shall not live by bread  alone'. Fasting is a way of showing that food is not an 'idol' in our life (if it is a food fast we are on) Prayer and fasting enhanc


Text : Genesis 18:1-14, Genesis 28:10-17, Judges 6:11-23, Genesis 26:1-5 The Bible is full of divine appointments God scheduled into the life of people He chose by election. Men like Abraham, a heathen that God had ordained from the foundation of the World to be Father of faith. His sudden call was a divine appointment. Genesis 12:1-4 Divine appointments are not occurences you plan, scheme for or struggle to experience. Divine appointments are unexpected and often sudden visitations we experience that come from God that better our lives and lead us in the right direction. Men like Paul, Gideon, David and even King Saul became who they became by divine appointments. The birth of Isaac, Abraham and Sarah's promised child is by divine appointment. Abraham didn't plan the visitation he received from God in the form of men, it was an unexpected occurence God scheduled into the life of Abraham and Sarah within  a twenty four hour period. It was a divine appointment David did


Text : Matthew 22:36-40 Prayer is a command, an instruction and path from God for mortal men to reach God. Love is the cardinal virtue and command given by God to christians. Prayer generates a powerful force. Love is a powerful force. Together, prayer and love work to bring results. God answers the prayer of those who love Him. So love is a vital force in the prayer equation. The primary call of sons and daughters of God is a call to love.  Love is the greatest virtue, the first of the fruits of the Spirit and love is the reason we enjoy the mercy, the grace, the blessings and the benevolence of God in our lives. Love is our purpose in God. Our purpose is to love God and bring Him pleasure. We can't separate love from our purpose. We can't separate our purpose from love. We can't separate love from our dealings and relationship with one another, God desires we love Him and love one another. God is a God who loves and desires relationship. We can't have


Text : Psalm 91:11, Hebrews 13:2, Psalms 103:20, Nehemiah 9:6 Angelic ministrations are for our benefit. Hebrews 1:14 Angels are not fictional characters. Angels are not fables or make believe. The study of the Bible shows us angels are real. Angels were created by God. Colossians 1:16 Angels are spirit beings, they are a part of God's heavenly family, and they do God's will. Job 1:6, Job 2:1 1) Angels can minister- Matthew 4:11, Luke 22:43 They minister encouragement, help, empowerment and motivation 2) Angels follow God's Word- Revelation 19:11-14 3) Angels are more than ordinary- 4) Angels report to God- Job 1:6, Job 2:1 5) Angels can sing- Job 38:7 6) Angels can kill or destroy- 1 Chronicles 21:15 7) Angels can fight- Revelation 12:7,8 8) Angels reflect God's brightness because they stay in God's presence- Luke 1:11,12,19 9) Angels are mighty and strong- 2 Kings 19:35 10) Angels can appear to people- Luke 1:11-13 11) Angels can protect- Psalms

PRAYER AND THE WORD (transcript)

Text : John 6:63 There is a type of prayer that pleases God. There is a way to pray. Matthew 6:5-15 There are prayers God is obligated to answer 1 Jon 5:7, 1 John 5:8- God's Word is potent in prayer cause heaven and earth responds to it. It is the will of God that we have results for the way we pray. John 15:16- Jesus referred to answered prayer as fruitfulness. For us to get the right answers to prayer we have to pray sincerely, from the heart in line with God's will. 1 Samuel 1:13, Romans 10:9 We know from scriptures that God is not partial. Job 34:19, 1 Corinthians 1:27, Deuteronomy 10:17 We know from scriptures that God is a prayer answering God. John 9:31, Hebrews 13:8 So why do some people get answers to their prayers and it seems some others are ignored by God? James 4:3 We need to understand that : 1) It glorifies God when our prayer is answered. John 14:13 2) God is eager to answer us when we pray because God loves us more than we love ourselves.  Joh

WHEN JESUS CAME: the christmas story

Christmas Eve Service Text : Luke 2:4-34 The birth of Jesus Christ is one of the most spiritually significant events in human history! A birth so important, it attracted angelic presence to earth. The birth of Jesus, which is what the celebration of Christmas is all about changed the course of human history, brought hope and divinity to humanity. The birth of our Lord is worth celebrating  because of the quality of person God sent to the earth, the birth of Jesus is worth celebrating and remembering because it is a fulfillment of prophecies that had been given thousands of years before its fulfillment. The birth of Jesus calls for rejoicing as the shepherds in our Bible passage rejoiced after they had seen the baby Jesus. The birth of Jesus ended the issue of spiritual darkness, just like my saviour proclaimed in John 8:12 that He is the light of the world, because of this we do not have to stumble through life anymore but we can be guided by the good shepherd as Jesus called


About three months ago I preached a message in this church on a Sunday titled 'The Spiritual Significance of Light', tonight's message 'The Spiritual Essence Of The Light' is a similar message, so I will touch on many of the things I touched on from the former message. We are looking into the subject of LIGHT tonight because of what the Lord laid in my heart about the year 2015. What is light ? I t is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. Light is illumination, brightness, loustre, a glow, a dazzle. For example lamps and light bulbs shine light that is electrically powered. The sun shines forth light that is used for solar energy. Every form of light is generated from a source. So lamps, lanterns, torch lights, light bulbs and the sun are different forms of light sources that are useful to us. Light is always useful! As light is useful physically, it is ALSO useful spiritually. Light is significant and Jesus identified with it. Jes


Text : Ephesians 3:12 God responds to our confidence when we are in prayer. Confidence is an integral part of prayer. Confidence is a requirement when it comes to accessing God's presence through prayer. It is God's wish that we are confident in approaching Him in the place of prayer. Confidence is part of God's spiritual protocol. There is a protocol and order to follow and required procedure to accessing the heavenly Father and being bold and confident is part of it. Hebrews 10:19 tells us we have a right to boldly enter the most Holy place. Our right to boldly enter God's presence which is called the most holy place is because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us. Our saviour's blood gives us a right to the most holy place of God, our saviour's name and blood gives us an access to the heavenly Father, and our heavenly Father likes it when he is approached confidently. Approaching God confidently is evidence of our faith in God, it's ev


Text : Philipians 2:5 Your mind set can determine the flow of miracles in your life because your faith and your belief has a lot to do with your mind. Your mind plays a vital role in your manifestation here on earth. Your mind is your consciousness, your cognitive, imaginative and visualizing capacity. As christian's God wants us to receive and manifest our miracles but our mental state can hinder our miracles if we do not have the right mindset. I Corinthians 2:16 God is interested in the state of our minds which the Bible also calls our 'heart' in some of the passages of scripture. Proverbs 4:23 Miracles could flow in the life and ministry of Jesus because He had the right mindset. It is the mindset in Jesus the Bible encourages us to have. This type of mind can be received trough God's Spirit. Isaiah 11:2-4 Our Lord Jesus had a miracle mind that saw things the way the heavenly Father saw them. John 5:19 A miracle mind, the mind of Christ, produces a humble


THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST ASSEMBLY MINISTRIES welcomes you to share fellowship with us for spiritual growth and edification. Enter the Lord's presence with us! In the presence of the Lord there is pleasure, pleasures for ever more. In the presence of the Lord there is healing, wholeness, deliverance, favour, winning strategies, divine direction, love, light, wisdom and many more !!! A table of fat things has been prepared for you! Come for times of refreshing. Come to receive understanding and spiritual insight. Together we can generate the force that's needed for maximum impact in the spirit! Come one, come all. Service Times Sunday : 12noon to 2:30pm Wednesday : 7pm to 9pm Thursday : 6:30pm (THE LIGHT IN THE HOUSE)- Home study group (Canningtown, London) Venue:  5-15 Beaumont road, Greengate Plaistow, London E13 8RJ (we are in the rented premises of Deeper Christian Life Church) Contact Numbers: 07507065409, 07405239919


Proverbs 11:4 , Proverbs 16:12 , Proverbs 78:72 , Ecclesiastes 10:17 , Proverbs 29:2, John 3:30 , Matthew 20:26 , Philipians 2:3 , 2 Timothy 2:15, Exodus 18:21 KINGDOM  LEADERSHIP Good and competent leadership is one of the needs of the world today in all areas of life. We live in a world where leaders are trained to always come across as having the answers. Check political leaders for example,you won't see a political aspirant receiving questions from the public who will tell the public he/she doesn't have the answers to the questions being asked. They either dodge the questions diplomatically or answer the questions cleverly by a series of answers that may not have anything or very little to do with the question they have been asked. They do this because they have been trained to always come across as having all the answers when they are dealing with the public. They have been trained to look confident and up to the task even if they are not. This puts enormous stre

MIRACLES (transcript)

Text : John 7:31, Acts 19:11,12 A miracle is an act or an event that is beyond the ordinary. A miracle is the supernatural manifested. A miracle is when there is a divine touch on an individual, a family, a nation or ministry to make the unusual happen. Man was originally created for the miraculous. Genesis 1:26-28 Adam was a living, walking miracle! The miraculous is the missing part in many lives today. John 4:48, Acts 4:30, John 14:12 Miracles are expressions of God's love to us. It's God's will that we receive miracles when we need it, but more importantly God wants us to live miracle lives! Miracles are the demonstrations of God's power to manifest an intention of God. Miracles are God at work! Because God loves you He wants to work in your life, because He wants to work in your life He has created you to be dependent on Him. Miracles are the right of God's children. Matthew 15:26 Miracles are the exclusive preserve of God's sons and daughter


Easter Prayer Anointing mid week Service THE ANOINTING AND THE RESURRECTION Text : Isaiah 10:27, Romans 8:11 Easter is a beautiful time of the year. It's a time many people show kindness, some give Easter cards and many people buy chocolate Easter eggs. Although these acts in themselves are not bad, there is more to Easter. More than anything else the season of Easter is a celebration of the anointing. This is because without the anointing there will be no resurrection as we read in Romans 8:11 The anointing made the resurrection happen. The anointing refers to the Holy Spirit. 1 Samuel 16:13 In the old testament, the oil was used to represent the Holy Spirit. 1 Samuel 10:1,6 Spirits need bodies or a vessel to dwell in to be legal on earth because the earth has been given to the sons of men. Men refers to human beings and human beings have bodies. Psalm 115:16 The resurrection is not limited to what the Holy Spirit did for the Lord Jesus. The resurrection power and t


Communion service Text : Matthew 16:19, Revelation 1:18, Isaiah 22:22, Revelation 3:7, Revelation 9:1, Luke 11:52 The Bible is full of men who performed exploits, ordinary men who did extraordinary things by God's help and God given skill and abilities. God is the giver of ability and skill. God is the one who makes things happen for people by setting people up for greatness and giving them platforms to operate from. God can help an individual, a family, an organization, a nation or a church. As a church, I make bold to say God is ready to help us, the God who made King Uzziah great is ready to help you and I. God has many ways He helps people. In scripture how He helped each man is different from one person to the other. The way God helped Abraham is different from the way God helped David, the way God helped Jacob is different from the way He helped Gideon, the way God helped Uzziah is different  from the way God helped the Apostle Paul. What all the heroes of faith