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Out Of The Ashes

Isaiah 61:3 Ashes are not seen as useful substances. Ashes are waste that's thrown away. Ashes are what is left after a substance is burnt out. Your life may seem like ashes right now but something good and beautiful can come out of it when it's given to God. You may feel like an ash yourself. You may be feeling burnt out from unpleasant experiences of the past, the previous week, the last Month , or the the last year and life's battles may have left you burnt out. Know that out of your ashes can come beauty! God is the one who gives us beauty for ashes. God can make you and your life beautiful! Don't make the ashes your permanent state. God can make your season of ashes work out into a season of glory for you. Romans 8:28 The phoenix is a mystical and fictional bird that burns out after living for about six centuries. After burning itself out it rises from it's ashes renewed, youthful and revitalized to live through another life cycle. Like the p