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Angelic Help & The End Times

 Daniel 12:1 Angels are an important part of God's kingdom. Jesus Christ understood that angelic help was available to Him, when He was before Pontius Pilate (the governor of Rome at the time)  he told Pontius Pilate His kingdom is not of this world for His servants would have fought to prevent His arrest if His kingdom was of this earth.      The servants Jesus was referring to are the angels of God. John 18:36,37 Angels are sons of God and bona fide members of God's kingdom. Jesus Christ is king of the angels, the angels are His servants. He also made it known to Peter when Peter tried to resist Jesus's arrest that He could ask His Father and the Father would put more than twelve legions of angels at His disposal for His deliverance and protection. John 18:36,37 Angels help the saints! If the kingdom of Jesus is not of this world and the help He could receive in the form of angelic help is not of this realm but from the kingdom then that is good news to us. It is good new

Encounters For The Latter Times

 Judges 6 There are encounters in the kingdom of God you are meant to have as a member of God's family. Luke 12:32 There are kingdom encounters you can have that will make a positive difference to you and those connected to you. These encounters can come as an answer to prayer. Judges 6:6-11 These kingdom encounters strengthen us spiritually, enlighten us, direct us, reveals things to us, and empower us for destiny. God's kingdom is a realm of destiny, glory, and encounters. A young man named Gideon had one of such encounters and it revealed his true identity. It made him rise up from obscurity into his God appointed assignment and leadership. Judges 6:11-16 Moses, after forty years as a shepherd in the wilderness looking after his father in-law's flock had such an encounter which revealed  his potential, helped his confidence, and put him in his God ordained office as a prophet and deliverer. Exodus 3:1-20 One kingdom encounter is enough to put you on a path of continuous