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Our Minister's Seal

Our Minister, our teacher and life coach Olutosin Ogunkolade's great seal. To God along be the glory! Anti-clockwise: It reflects his ministry/calling, his art(calligraphy), his business (dream), and his experience/effort

Our church's online home.

It's with great excitement we announce that our church website is almost ready! To God be the glory! The inspiration received by the teacher and Pastor at The Light of Jesus Christ Assembly is to use every available platform to promote God's work among us, which is what we have been trying to do. Social media and the internet is the 'language' of this age and we have been using it to teach, and share God's Word and promote God's work. We have started off by giving our church an online presence and building it from there, from YouTube, to Facebook, from blogging to Twitting all is working together for our good, as they are all platforms used inline with our mandate of  'teaching God's Word and spreading God's light.

Our church Logo Is Ready

OUR CHURCH LOGO . what our church Logo represents : THE GOLDEN CROSS - The cross is the most popular symbol in the world. In our church we honor the Lord Jesus Christ. We have made the cross golden to depict the golden age of the church, we believe the church body is in it's golden age. We have chosen a golden cross because we believe in prosperity as one of our church's 8 core beliefs and that's what the gold color stands for. THE THREE FLAMES - The flames or fire on the top of the cross is symbolic of the nature of God as fire, 'our God is a consuming fire'. On the day of pentecost the Spirit of God appeared on the disciples as flames of fire.  We have 3 flames on top of the cross to symbolize one God who has the ability to manifest himself as 3 distinct personalities. It is lovely when God gives an ideas and inspiration & it comes to fruition.