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Mark 9:35-37, Mark 4:30-32, John 3:3-7 The reason many people leave their country of origin for another country as immigrants is because they have a belief, they caught a dream, and they want to be in an environment or a nation where things work. So they move, hoping their dreams come true in another country. America, among the nations of the earth, is a country associated with 'the dream'. 'The American Dream' America, among the nations of the earth has the most millionaires in the world, many of them are immigrants or children of immigrants who have become nationalized citizens. This is able to happen because America has a system in place that is very fair by human standards. They operate the free enterprise system. What has attracted many people to the U.S over the years is that they have 'packaged' themselves as the land or country of possibilities. What this means is that if you are hardworking, have a talent or gift, you can rise in your chosen f


Luke 12:32 , 2 Peter 1:3 , 1 Corinthians 3:21-23 You are a  child of God. If you know Jesus as Lord and Savior, if you have been washed in the blood of the Lamb, then you're an offspring of God. Acts 17:29 You're an offspring of God who is a dreamer. Acts 17:28 You're the offspring of a God who is the best. You're the child of a God who created what we know as quality. Genesis 1:31 You're the son or daughter of a God from whom all things that are good and worthwhile flow.  James 1:17 You need to know and purpose in your heart that you deserve your dream. Psalm 37:4 Your mental conditioning has a lot to do with whether you will achieve your dreams or not. 2 Timothy 1:7 The Bible talks a lot about the mind and the heart. The words mind and heart are used interchangeably in the Bible. Most times when the Bible talks about the heart it refers to our mind. The state of our mind is very important when it comes to the fulfillment of our dreams. In life can


Romans 8:11, John 11:25 , Psalm 37:4 Not everyone achieves and manifests the dreams God has put in their heart. It's not because some of them don't know the dreams God has put in their hearts, but some where along the line they allowed their dreams to die. Dreams can die. it's possible for dreams to die. Dreams can die because :- 1) People die - human beings are the carriers of dreams and when people die, at times their dreams die with them and they have no heir or successor to carry on their dreams. They didn't train anyone or duplicate their dream. 2) People loose focus - focus is needed to achieve or manifest our dreams. One of Satan's strategies is to break people's focus. If your focus can be broken, your dreams can die. Satan can give people w wrong dream or vision to mislead, mis-direct and break people's focus. Eg. Judas Iscariot 3) People loose motivation for their dreams - rest is needed for dreams to be fulfilled or a person can burn

Walking In A God Inspired Dream.

Walking In A God Inspired Dream Genesis 37:5-7, Numbers 13:29-33, Genesis 13:14-16, Genesis 15:1 Your dreams are important to God. I'm not necessarily referring to the dreams we have when asleep. By dreams I'm referring to your life's picture of what you want to achieve. I'm referring to your vision, your aim and the mental picture of what you want to be, what you want to attain, what you want to do with yourself. God desires that His children have dreams. God is the giver of dreams. Acts 2:17 In fact the Bible is a book of dreams! It's a spiritual manual full of the dreams of God towards humanity.  The Bible reveals the wish, the aim, the desire, the intentions and the plan of God for all human beings. God's dream for you is linked to your life's assignment or purpose for your life.  God's dream precede the manifestation of your purpose. When you fulfill your life's assignment you are fitting properly into God's big dream puzzle. Eg. Jere

You Are Someone's Hero.

YOU ARE SOMEONE'S HERO. Text : Romans 8:19 The world is in a time and season where it is seeking for people who have something extra to offer. The world is in a phase where it needs solution providers in all areas and walks of life because the times we live in are 'dark times' which the Bible had already spoken about thousands of years ago. Isaiah 60:2 We are in perilous times. We are in difficult times. The Lord Jesus predicted the times we are in now. Matthew 24:3-13 The world is in need of superheroes. My reason for saying this is not far fetched. Just read the newspapers, they are full of bad news, negativity, and darkness. Listen to the news, there is a lot of anger, fights, confusion and misunderstandings out there. We know the direction the world is going and we can feel it's pulse through the news, the kind of films being made, entertainment shows and comic books. Comic book heroes are being made into films today. It reflects the yearning, the demand and


Romans 11:29, Jude 1:1,John 10:3, Romans 1:6, Romans 8:30 Every believer is called to serve in God's Kingdom in one capacity or the other, with one spiritual gift or the other or in one or more of the 5 fold ministry offices. Spiritually speaking our call is a high one, our call is a dignified one and it is God who provides the platform for us to minister. That platform is what the Bible refers to as candle stand, lamp stand or hill. Matthew 5:14, Ephesians 4:11,12, Revelation 1:20 You shine by standing on your platform doing what God tells you to do. The spiritual calling of God dignifies our lives. And we have all been called to be priests and Kings from a spiritual kingdom to show forth God's praises. 1 Peter 2:9 Your candle stand, lamp stand or hill is your spiritual platform. Your spiritual platform is your ministry office. It's what gives you the legitimate right to do what you are doing. It is Jesus Christ himself who called you to that office spiritually, t