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Miracle Laws

Mark 10:27 When natural laws are suspended and higher spiritual laws take over, a miracle occurs. Luke 18:27 Miracles answer to spiritual laws. The law of believing can bring miracles into a life . Mark 9:23 The laws you operate with knowingly or unknowingly determines what comes to you in many areas of life. There are laws that govern our health. There are laws that govern our finances. There are laws that determine our harvests and results. The law of hearing and obeying produced great results for Isaac.  Genesis 26:2-6, Genesis 26:12-14 Faith is a powerful and potent spiritual law . Matthew 17:20 There are natural laws and there are spiritual laws. Spiritual laws are powerful. Spiritual laws can cancel natural laws. Natural laws came to be from the spirit realm. These are laws that have become part of our everyday life, we may even take them for granted. The purpose of laws is to protect us and to benefit us. God's Word is spiritual law when decreed . It b

Your Prayer & Your Praise.

Colossians 4:2 Prayer and praise are equally important to God. Prayer and praise will benefit you. Prayer and praise should go together. Psalm 18:3 Prayer and praise both work by faith. Prayer at times is like a seed. It can be likened to a seed you sow. Praise can be likened to the watering of your seed. Prayer is an answer to suffering. Praise can be the product of being cheerful. James 5:13 We pray because we have faith that God answers prayer. We also praise because we believe God has answered our prayers or will answer our prayers. Being thankful to God in every season and in every situation is the will of God for us. Praising God is a command from the Lord. Psalm 68:32 Praising God is a spiritual law. It is a powerful sacrifice. Hebrews 13:15 Praising God attracts Gods presence, and with Gods presence comes many huge and beneficial blessings. Psalms 22:3 Prayer sets angels in motion. Daniel 10:12-14 Praise sets God in motion. Psalm 22:3 The whole of heaven w

Prayer & Unclean spirits

Matthew 12:43 Unclean spirits are evil spirits. Unclean spirits are demonic spirits. Unclean spirits are fallen angels. Unclean spirits are the principalities, the powers, the rulers of this world, the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly realm. Ephesians 6:12 Unclean spirits are illegal in the life of a person who has received new birth. They shouldn't be in your life or dictate what happens to you. Luke 13:16 Until Jesus came, most people didn't know they should not be controlled or possessed by evil spirits. Jesus shows us they are meant to be cast out of people's lives. Luke 8:2 Unclean spirits hate your prayer life. They hate your spiritual growth and development. They hate and react to Christ in you. Matthew 8:29 They hate your relationship with God. Matthew 4:3 Evil spirits and their master Satan are the forces behind sicknesses, diseases, and many discomforts. Luke 9:37-43 Prayer helps us connect and remain connected to God. Evil spiri

Prayer & The Impossible

Luke 1:37 Christians are called believers because they believe. We believe what many do not believe about God, His Kingdom and spiritual things. Your belief is powerful! What you believe is what happens to you and determines what what works for you. Your belief is a spiritual law. The law of belief is a powerful law in the Spirit realm. What you believe will determine your possibility. Mark 5:36 Those who believe against all odds experience the impossible in their life. Abraham chose to believe against all odds and he didn't regret it. Romans 4:18 What do you believe? *What you believe can make you or break you. *What you believe will eventually determine your experience. Matthew 9:29 Do you want to experience the miraculous? *Believe your God will give you the miraculous. Mark 16:17,18 Do you want to experience prosperity? *Believe God's Word that God delights in the prosperity of His servants. Psalm 35:27 Do you want to see the impossible become pos

Prayer & The Miraculous

James 5:17 The Kingdom of God is a miraculous realm. It takes a miraculous Kingdom (throne), to be everlasting. Psalm 93:1,2 Miracles abound for those who know God and have made Jesus Christ Lord and saviour. Matthew 19:26 God can answer you by a miracle. 1 Kings 18:38 God can bless you with a miracle. John 9:1-6 The head of God's miracle Kingdom is a miraculous God who specializes in miracles. God appreciates the communication of His people. Proverbs 15:8 God responds to the prayers of His people. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If the miraculous God responds to the prayers of His saints, then prayer when prayed in line with God's Word can bring the miraculous into our lives. The Word of God and prayer work together. 1 Timothy 4:5 The Bible is full of people who had miraculous interventions and miraculous answers delivered to them because they prayed. 1 Samuel 1:20 To have the miraculous in the place of prayer : *Pray to the right God. Matthew 22:32 *Pray in the name of