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Mercy & Dominion

Genesis 1:26 Human beings are God's dream creation. Human beings are a major aspect of God's dream and the chief focus of God's creation. Psalm 8:4-6 The dream of God for human beings which hasn't changed is that His chief creation does well. God wants you to do well in life. 3 John 2 God created the first man Adam with the mandate and blessing  he needed to do well in life. That blessing and mandate to do well in life was meant to spread to the whole of humanity from generation to generation. Unfortunately the world became the way it is as a result of Adam and Eve's wrong choice. Genesis 3:11-19 We do well in life when we follow God's instruction and choose what He wants for us. Adam and Eve didn't. God's dream for human beings to do well in life hasn't changed despite the negative effect of Adam and Eve's wrong choice on the whole of creation. Jesus came to restore the blessing Adam and Eve lost. Jesus came to reverse the curse

Breaking Into Kingdom Life

Matthew 11:12 God desires that His children live the kingdom life. God desires that we manifest as sons and daughters of God. God's will is that through us we show or reveal His kingdom. Our fruitfulness should reveal the kingdom of God. Our success should reveal the kingdom of God. Our family life, our marriages, finances and health should reveal the kingdom of God. Our calling, our lifestyle and our choices should reveal the kingdom of God. There is a whole new life of God's kingdom awaiting us. We are created to bring God glory and pleasure. Revelation 4:11 Man was originally created to dominate this earth and spread the kingdom of God here on earth. The garden of Eden which Adam and Eve lived in represents the kingdom of God. That garden was heaven on earth. It is patterned after God's Eden in paradise. Ezekiel 28:13 The garden of Eden was in only a certain spot of the earth but God's will was that Adam and humanity would spread it as they maintai

The Wine, The Oil & The Perfume.

Matthew 25:1-13 The Holy Spirit is too important to the believer. He is a person but functions in our life in various capacities. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is necessary to walk with God and do God's will here on earth. The Holy Spirit is God in you as a personal Spirit you can relate with. The Holy Spirit is necessary to finishing well and walking the Christian walk successfully. The Holy Spirit is God's seal upon your life that you will make heaven. The help of the Holy Spirit is not limited to only the spiritual area of things but also our daily life. The Holy Spirit can help you in all areas of life - your parenting, your marriage, your business, on the job, during your exams, with your studies, your memory e.t.c John 14:26 The Holy Spirit also functions in the life of the believer as the wine, the oil and the perfume. As the 'oil' the Holy Spirit anoints us for spiritual offices, spiritual responsibilities, and for the meeting of the Messiah. 1 S

Prayer & The Court Of Angels

Daniel 10:12 Angels respond to the directions of God. Psalm 103:20 They respond to and operate for the kingdom of God, they are a part of God's kingdom family. Job 1:6 Angels watch over the Word of God to bring about the fulfillment of it. Angels minister to the saints of God. Matthew 4:11 They minister for the saints of God. Hebrews 1:14 They are ever present watching over and protecting the saints of God. Psalm 91:11,12 They respond to the words and prayers of the saints. Daniel 10:12 Our prayers set angels in motion. Our prayers release angels from their realm and their court to help us. Angels are wise, equipped and trained. Most anagels understand legal matters. They understand heavenly, legal matters because they know the adversary. They have all been brothers before. The adversary of the saints is an accuser. Revelation 12:10 Satan the adversary has been around long enough. He can accuse because he knows the law. He understands spiritual laws. He

A Heart For God

Psalm 42:1 David the king got the testimony from God that he is a man after God's heart. This is a great commendation and one of the greatest praises God has made about a man. It is a honor for God to call a human being a man after God's heart. Acts 13:22 This shows the state of our heart is what matters most. Why did God call David the son of Jesse a man after His heart? God had made that statement about David before David the shepherd boy became David the king. People promoted by God have the right heart before their promotion comes. David received this testimony from the God of all creation because God looked into his heart and God liked what He saw in David's heart. If God looks into your heart today, what will He see? What did God see in the young shepherd boys heart? *God saw a heart that loves Him, God saw a heart that pants for Him, God saw a heart that's chasing after Him. Psalm 42:1 Do you chase after God, do you love God, do you pant and thi