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The Key To Distinction

Daniel 1: 17-20 It is in the human nature to want to stand out, to desire to be successful, to wish to make progress and achieve our goals. This desire is not bad, it is a nature God put in man. Distinction was a glory humanity was designed to have among God's creation originally before Adam and Eve messed up. Genesis 1:26-28 Some people think earning more academic qualifications, getting married, becoming a millionaire, investing their money, changing their partners or spouses, or hanging around the rich and famous is what will give them the satisfaction of being distinguished. Proverbs 14:12 While most of these things are not bad, they do not necessarily distinguish us in life. Our relationship with God is the key to our distinction . Psalm 91:14 When God created the first man and woman, they were created distinguished. They stood out among all of God's creation and had the blessing and mandate to rule and dominate everything on earth. At that time, they were i

Dare To Believe

Luke 8:50 The gospel is simple not complicated. It is simple in the sense that it is easy to explain and comprehend. Some people try to make the gospel complicated but the scriptures tells us the gospel is simple. 2 Corinthians 11:3,4 The gospel is basically about believing and having faith . Everyone believes something. Everyone has faith in someone or something, including Atheists who don't believe in God. Don't believe wrongly, believe the right message and the right person. The right message to believe is the gospel (good news) and the right person to believe is Jesus Christ . John 14:6 Dare to believe! Dare to believe God loves you . John 15:9,10 Dare to believe Jesus Christ came for you . John 10:10 Dare to believe God leads by His Spirit and His Word . Romans 8:14, Psalm 119:105 Dare to believe God has provided for you . Philippians 4:19 Dare to believe God has something better for you . Isaiah 60:17 Dare to believe God makes you a member of Hi

Tune In

Job 36:11 God is a God who speaks. He communicates with His own. God speaks to His people frequently enough. John 10:27 Most times when we don't hear God's voice it's not because God isn't speaking. More often than not, it's because we are not tuned into the frequency of God's voice. Revelation 1:10 Hearing God's voice is similar to trying to get a particular radio station's broadcast. If you don't tune to the right frequency on the radio, you won't get the broadcast you want. We have to tune in to hear God's voice. The frequency of God's voice is Spirit. We have to tune into the Spirit realm to hear what God is saying to us. God's voice brings unity. John 10:16 God's voice instructs us. Isaiah 30:21,22 God's voice directs us. Isaiah 30:21 God's voice inspires us. 2 Timothy 3:16 God's voice encourages us. 2 Timothy 3:17 God's voice makes us bold. Psalm 138:3 God's voice streng

The 7 Spirits Of God

Revelation 1:4 The Holy Spirit is a very unique Spirit. The Holy Spirit is different from angels, fallen angels, demons, and human spirits. The Holy Spirit is a superior Spirit, He is the Spirit of God's presence. The Holy Spirit can manifest in seven unique dimensions or as seven distinct spirit manifestations. Isaiah 11:2 The Holy Spirit is omnipresent. The Holy Spirit is the aspect of God that lives in God's true followers today. Romans 8:9 The Holy Spirit is the Spirit that was at work in Jesus Christ when He was here on earth. Luke 3:22 The Holy Spirit does for us today what Jesus was doing for His disciples when He was here in the flesh. Jesus used to counsel His disciples. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of counsel. Jesus used to strengthen His disciples. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of strength or might . Jesus used to teach His disciples, He used to impart spiritual knowledge to them. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of knowledge . Jesus gave His disc