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Mathhew 2:1-2 Your star refers to your heavenly and spiritual glory. The Bible tells us in John 3:27 that a man can only have what heaven has given to him. How far you will go in life depends on what heaven has permitted or written about you. Your star is the heavenly embodiment of what you will be and achieve here on earth. Everything Jesus accomplished and became on earth happened because His star rose when He was born. Jesus had the star of a King and the wise men could discern and interprete what heaven was declaring about Jesus. Matthew 2:2 Like your savior Jesus, you are also royalty. Because of Jesus, your 'star' will also rise. If nothing could prevent Jesus, the bright and morning Star from rising from the dead, your star will rise! Mark 16:9 Prayer Points : 1) Let everything heaven has ordained me to be, happen in my life time. John 3:27 2) Let me finish my assignment here on earth successfully. John 19:30 3) Let all my God given prophecies come to pa


John 10:10, Isaiah 60:5,6,7  2 Corinthians 4:4 One of the great lies of Satan to the world, especially to followers of God is to make us believe that our quality of life here on earth doesn't matter, that all God cares about  is where we go after leaving this earth. John 8:44 When we begin to study the scriptures we'll discover that God is a God who cares, He cares about you making it when Jesus comes back for His people,He also cares about your quality of life here on earth. 1 Peter 5:7 Not only does He care about your situation right now, He has gone a step further to make arrangements for you to have His best. 2 Peter 1:3 The abundant life is not refering to only material things but a quality of life, Eternal life comes withan abundance of good health, an abundance of God's nature, an abundance of peace, an abundance of strength, an abundance of joy. So eternal life is a great gift God packaged together for His children. Romans 6:23 So why doesn't the abundance God p

Star Killers & Destiny Killers

John 10:10, Revelation 12:4, 1 Samuel 19:1-12 The devil is a specialist at killing and destroying. The devil is the number one 'star' killer and destroyer of destinies. From our text passage we see that the devil pulled down one third of the stars of heaven (angels). So he knows how to pull stars down, he knows how to destroy destinies. The devil is a specialist at cutting people down when their 'star' is about to rise in life. He tried it with David when David started rising in life. But he failed. He tried it and succeeded with Abel. He destroyed Abel's life after Abel had given an offering and it was accepted by God. Genesis 4:1-8 After God's acceptance and approval of Abel's offering, what would follow is Abel's rise and blessing, that was what his brother Cain envied, and that's what made him kill Abel. Envy and jealousy seem to be the forces Satan uses to attack rising stars. We see Satan destroy the glorious destiny of

Overcoming Fear Through Prayer

Psalm 23:4 2 Timothy 1:7 Fear is a state that is familiar to human beings. Fear crept into the life of humanity after and because of the first sin that took place through Adam and Eve. Genesis 3:18 Fear is not from God, so it's a stranger. As common as fear has become to the human race, we must not make the mistake of accepting it as natural. Fear was never part of God's package for human beings, it became part of our lives as a result of the wrong choice of Adam and Eve to disobey God. Fear is a stranger that has stayed with all of us for to long and should leave. Fear should be seen as a stranger and foreigner to us all, because "in the beginning it was not so" Psalm 18:45 Fear is a foreigner that should leave your life because of God's hand and power upon your life. Fear departs when God's hand or presence is upon you. Prayer  is what brings the hand of God upon a person. 1 Kings 18:42-46 Acts 4:27-29 Fear is a spirit When we pray well, the hand of God come


Isaiah 30:21 Matthew 2:1-2, 9-10 In life we will all need guidance now and again. Divine direction/guidance is one of the great benefits God's children should enjoy. Romans 8:14 We can see from our text passages that God desires to guide His own. The purpose of guidance or direction is to keep us on the right track so we don't miss our way and so that you we will make it to our desired end/destination. This year we must not joke with divine direction. Proverbs 14:12 reveals to us why divine guidance matters in life, it is important so as to avoid in areas of our lives. The wise men would have delivered Jesus into the hand of His enemy- King Herod, if not for divine direction. And after killing Jesus, there is a possibility Herod could kill the wise men also. Divine direction is the sure way to avoid the enemy's traps for our lives. The wise men had a destination. Their destination was where the King of the Jews was, so that they could worship Him. In life you


2 Peter 1: 20, 21 Matthew 2: 1-21 The life of Jesus Christ was guided by prophecy. Prophecy is a powerful spiritual force that determines our future and the events of our lives. Prophecy is what the heavens is declaring or has declared about your life. Prophecy is the written or verbally proclaimed Word from the heavens. Our Lord Jesus's life was the manifestation of written and spoken prophecy. Matthew 2: 5,15, 17 You cannot be more than your prophecy, for true prophecy is from heaven, and a man or woman cannot be more than what heaven has made him or her. John 3:27 Prayer that is in line with your prophecy will be powerful and potent. Prayer is putting God's Word back to Him and hearing from Him in return. Prophecy is declaring what heaven has declared about you. So when we pray in line with what heaven is declaring about us or has declared about us, heaven responds to our Words. Prayer is powerful. Prophecy is also very powerful. Prophecy is what heaven has d

Dangers Of Doubt

Matthew 21:21 When we doubt God it hurts God and upsets God's Spirit. John 20:27 Not only does it hurt God when we doubt Him, we miss out on a lot. James 1:6 When we doubt God, miracles, blessings and opportunities that could have been ours pass us by. Doubt in our heart is one of the ways we 'tie' God's hand and hinder what He could do for us. In the year 2016, purpose that you will trust God through good and tough times. Purpose in your heart, that come rain , come sunshine, you will believe God. Believing God is the opposite of doubt Believing God pleasures God. Let's make up our minds this year that we will pleasure God by believing Him throughout this year. Jesus was the fullness of God in human form. Yet, the Master of miracles was limited in an environment of unbelief. Mark 6:5,6 Jesus is sadly amazed when people doubt Him and His Word. Mark 6:6 Unbelief has caused the nation of Israel a lot of torture and sorrow which could have been avoided.


If you are born again, your 'star' will shine in 2016 if you do the right things because you have been sent to this world as Jesus was sent. John 20:21 Jesus was sent as a star and a solution provider, Isaiah 61:3, Matthew 2:2. In the same manner you have also been sent to this world as a solution provider and a star. If you are born-again, you are a carrier of the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God is your right to signs, wonders and miracles. In John 2:1-11 Jesus performed His first wonder after receiving the Holy Spirit. Let your intimacy with the Holy Spirit increase in 2016. He is your key to your rise and your exploits in 2016. The star of David rose in life after He was anointed by the prophet in 1 Samuel 16. By the following chapter he had become a household name. Your 'star' can and must rise in 2016 because you are a carrier of the God kind of faith which overcomes the world. 1 John 5:4 Your star can rise and should rise in 2016 because in Christ y