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Triumphing By His Presence

Matthew  28:20 It is God's promise to His people that He will never leave them, that He will be with them till this world/age ends. This is a great promise from God Himself. God has promised that His followers will have His presence throughout their life's journey. If Jesus Christ is your Lord and savior you have God's presence with you. You can grow in God's presence and God's presence can grow in you. God's presence is not something you feel all the time. God's presence is not a physical matter you will feel tangibly all the time. God's presence is not something you see most times. God's presence has to be accepted and believed by faith. God's presence is an assurance of our victory. Deuteronomy 28:7 God's presence brings rest. Exodus 33:14 God's presence is the reason we make it in life. 2 Samuel 6:11 God's presence will ensure you triumph in the battle of life. 2 Corinthians 2:14 God's presence makes our l

The Promises, Your Faith & Grace

2 Peter 1:4 God's promises are yours to claim if you're in Christ Jesus. God's promises are sure. God's promises are precious and great. God's promises should not be taken for granted but accepted and valued like treasures. Joshua 21:45 We need our faith to claim and activate the promises. Romans 5:2 Any promise in God's Word can be received out of God's kingdom (spirit realm) by faith. Hebrews 11:33 Your faith can be likened to money. What money does in the natural is what faith does in the spirit realm, even more. We purchase things with money in our physical world, in the same way to receive God's manifested promises in our lives we use faith. The good news is that Jesus Christ has given everyone of His people faith. Romans 12:3 That measure is for you to use and also trade with spiritually. True faith is rare. Luke 18:8 Your faith gives you spiritual value. Your God given faith enables you to do more spiritually. Faith is spiri

Believe & Hope

Romans 4:16-18 There is a lot we can learn from Abraham. There is something in Abraham we must not miss. Abraham is not our ultimate example but he is a good example to us especially in the area of faith. We can learn from Abraham because the scriptures call him our father. He is a father of faith. Sons and daughters learn from their father. Children learn from their parents. What can we learn from Abraham? From Abraham we can learn faith. Isaiah 51:2 If you take a look at Abraham's life, you will learn a lot about faith. Faith is connected to grace. You need God's grace for your faith! Faith makes the promise sure. When you dissect the faith of Abraham you will find hope and belief inside it. Romans 4:18 The belief in God that Abraham had powered his hope. Abraham had a hope that was more than ordinary. Abraham could continue giving thanks despite situations appearing like God wasn't faithful because he operated in supernatural hope. Abraham's