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The Dangers Of Lukewarmness

Revelation 3:14-16 We know from the scripture passage above that God frowns at lukewarmness. I pray you will not be lukewarm, and if you are, I pray you will not remain lukewarm. Lukewarmness according to  our text passage is referring to our spiritual temperature. God doesn't want us spiritually warm. It's either you are hot and on fire for God or you are cold spiritually. To be cold spiritually is to be spiritually dead. The dead have no temperature, they are stone cold. Despite this, there is still hope for the dead. God can work with the dead. The scripture is full of examples of the dead being raised to life physically. It also applies spiritually. In Christ Jesus we are raised to new life and a higher spiritual temperature by God's Spirit. Jesus makes the physically dead come alive. He can also take the spiritually dead and give them spiritual life. John 11:25-26 The spiritually hot are those God is pleased with. They are those who take their faith

The Lord's Anointed

1 Samuel 16:13 It is not everyone who has the anointing. Though the anointing is available for everyone to have, not everyone receives the anointing. Salvation is the gateway to the anointing. The anointing is a gift and spiritual investment God puts in a life. 1 Timothy 4:14 Your looks or good dress sense cannot fetch you the anointing. Your education does not entitle you to the anointing. Scheming is will not get you the anointing. Church attendance does not necessarily guarantee you the anointing. Common sense or human wisdom will not fetch you the anointing. Human opinion or belief is not what gets you the anointing. Your heart has a lot to do with qualifying you for the anointing. 1 Samuel 16:7 A good heart is one of life's great treasures. A good heart puts you in a position to receive gifts from the Lord. David's godly and good heart was part of what qualified him for the anointing. The Lord's anointed may not necessarily be a perfect person.

Who Lives In Your Mind?

Romans 12:2 The world we live in will seek to program your mind - through music, television, social media, philosophies, teachings, people, and even your education. Your mind is the target. This is why you have to be careful what you believe and who you believe. Colossians 2:8 You have only one life to live while on earth. Your life is precious and it must not be wasted believing the wrong things. 2 Timothy 3:8 Your mind, which is a major aspect of your soul is also precious because it will determine a lot about your life while you're here on earth. 3 John 2 Your mind is like a door or gate to your spirit. It is where you process information before you takean action. Satan is the god of this world. 2 Corinthians 4:4 Behind the deceptive and misleading information this world throws at your mind is your enemy - Satan. Your flesh is the place where you face temptation. Your flesh is where the enemy will seek to gain access to your mind. The enemy knows if he has go

THE ROAR OF FAITH: A Christmas With Miracles

Join us for a Christmas with miracles! Join us for a time of receiving from the Lord. Come for a touch from the Master. Join us for for a time of signs, wonders and miracles as we use our faith to receive from the Lord! Come with friends, family and loved ones. Come with your faith. Bring along the sick, the afflicted and those who are bound by the enemy. This will be an evening to remember, God will be glorified. You are invited to THE ROAR OF HOPE: a Christmas with miracles Venue : THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST ASSEMBLY MINISTRY Ascot Community Hall, Star Lane road, Opposite THE HUB, off Hermit Road, Canningtown, London E16 4PL Time : 5:30PM - 9:00PM Call, WhatsApp or SMS Pastor 'Tosin for further information & direction: 07507065409 Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

Mental Warfare

Philippians 4:8 Your mind is very important because it is the 'lense' through which you 'see' life. Your defeat or victory is determined by your mindset. It is in your mind you start winning in life and it's in your mind you start losing in life. Proverbs 4:23 David had already defeated Goliath in his mind before the battle started, his words only expressed what was in his mind. Every other person saw Goliath as a challenge too big to overcome but David who had an anointed mind reduced Goliath in his mind. David reduced Goliath to the size of a bird because it's birds you kill with stones. 1Samuel 17:50 Satan wants your mind. God also wants your mind. There is a demand for your mind in the spirit realm. Whoever you yield your mind to can determine how you end up and who controls you. What we have in our mind determines what we say, and our lives go in the direction of our words. Your mind is often referred to as your heart in scripture. The Bibl