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Thriving In Difficult Times

Genesis 26:11-13 God wants you to succeed during these difficult times. You can thrive in difficult times. God wants you to do well when others have a doubt about the future, the present state of the world and it's uncertain phases. Job 22:29 You can thrive and prevail in these perilous times. The scriptures show us examples of God's people who did well in difficult times. The times we are in are dark times and light is the answer to darkness. God's light is available to us in darkness. Isaiah 60:1-3 God's word promises us light when it gets dark in this world! God's word is likened to light. Psalm 119:105 God's Word is light! John 1:1-5 When God's word comes to us in spoken or written form that is light coming to us. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob each thrived in difficult times by the word or revelation spoken and shown to them by God. Galatians 3:16 The spoken word to us from God becomes a promise that never fails. The word magnified to us b

Courage For Difficult Times

Joshua 1:9 God wants us to live courageously. The word courageous is used about 6 times in the Bible. There are about 114 instances in the Bible of being courageous. When a word is used more than once in the scriptures it is worth paying attention to. The end times we are in will demand your courage. We are in times the Bible informs that the hearts of men will fail them because of the things coming on the earth. Luke 21:26 We have come into times when people will loose courage for living. This year alone, Corona virus has cast a very dark shadow on the world and changed a lot of plans. There are those who committed suicide because of the change Covid-19 brought upon the earth. They didn't have the courage to accept the changes and go through isolation. In addition to Covid-19, there are many other issues, vices,  and diseases humanity is having to deal with. Only God knows what is to come. It will take some degree of courage to live successfully in today's world

The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit

John 16:7 The Holy Spirit is a unique and real personality given for your advantage. The Holy Spirit is God's presence in you and with you, ministering to you. God's Spirit ministers, He talks to God's people, God's family, God's children. John 14:26 The greatest ministry is the ministry of the Holy Spirit. There is a lot to benefit from God's Spirit. There are blessings money cannot buy that we enjoy when we yield to the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives, here are a few of the benefits: Power - Acts 1:8 Authority - Mark 1:27 Direction, Guidance & Leading - Romans 8:14 Comfort - John 14:26 Might & Strength - Judges 14:6 Counsel - Isaiah 11:2 Wisdom - Acts 6:9,10 Knowledge - Isaiah 11:2 Understanding - Job 32:8 Help - John 14:6 Excellence - Daniel 6:3 Creativity - Exodus 35:35 Headship - 1 Samuel 2:8 Revelations - John 16:15 The Spirit of God works within us and outside of us. He helps us to live in God's will and kno

The Coming Of Jesus Christ

James 5:8 When Jesus walked the earth He was very clear that He will be returning to the earth after His death and resurrection. Luke 18:8 Jesus is coming back. As He was seen physically and tangibly as He ascended, when He comes back all eyes of those going with Him will see Him. Revelation 1:7 As He ascended to heaven before men He will be seen coming in the heavens in great glory, honor, and majesty. Acts 1:11, Luke 21:27 The coming of Jesus is sure and it is 'close'. The signs of the Lord's return is all around us and things are happening accurately as the Bible informs us it will on the earth. Matthew 24 Due to this, the enemy is running to and fro upon the earth like never before. 1 Peter 5:8 He is working relentlessly to pull as many souls with him to his place of eternal punishment. Misery likes company. Satan is miserable. Job 1:7 So the enemy is working round the clock to blind many to the truth of the gospel, to the benefits and inheritance th