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Come One, Come All

No matter who you are, where you're from, what you do and what you've done, there is a place for you at The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly. It is because of people like you that Jesus came! Why not pay us a visit? You will be glad you did!!!


WHAT KIND OF YEAR WILL 2015 BE? 1) It will be a year of high level angelic activity for the saints of God. Be carefful how you treat people this year, especially strangers. Many of them will be angelic visitors sent from the Father to bless people and to test the hearts of me. 2) It is a year when the saints of God who live godly lives will enjoy harvests of answered prayer. Before many of them call to God, God would have answered. This will lead to the progress of those on God's side. 3) 2015 will be a year of witty inventions for those who open up their minds and heart to God. Be obedient to God this year in all He tells you. God is ready to move His ministries and His ministers and His sons and daughters forward this year by Godly wisdom and concepts and ideas that have not been thought of before. So as an assembly, and as individuals let's be very sensitive to God's voice this year. It is for our benefit. 4) For us as a church, there will be the fulfilment of