The Spirit Of The Lord

  1 Samuel 16:12,13 There is a dimension of God's Spirit that makes kings out of men! This dimension brings royalty to individuals or families who are not previously connected to royalty. This dimension of the Holy Ghost is a real destiny enhancer! There are dimensions to God's Spirit. Isaiah 11:2 The Spirit of God manifests in His seven dimensions when He is before the Father's throne. Revelations 4:2-5 The idea and concept of royalty is from God. God is presented in the scriptures as a King. The Father (God) is usually depicted as sitting on a throne. Revelation 3:21 It is kings who sit on thrones. God is the King of all kings. God is the one who makes kings. Daniel 2:21 God is a Spirit, since God is a Spirit and He is the One who chooses and makes kings, He anoints for kingship through His Spirit. The dimensions in God's Spirit are qualities every king needs. There is a dimension in the Holy Spirit that is necessary for kingship, it is this dimension of the 7 spirits

The Journey Of Faith

  Psalm 119:105 Faith is needed for the journey of life. Life is meant to be a journey of faith. Too many people live by what they feel. see, touch, smell, and hear and that's why they haven't been stable in their faith or spiritual walk. Many have limited life to the physical senses, and perhaps they shouldn't be blamed, that is what they have known all their lives and perhaps what they have been taught. Faith is beyond the senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, or hearing. The discipline needed to live a life of faith or go on a journey of faith is just not there for many. It takes discipline to walk with God and be all we should be in life. It's necessary to be disciplined about how we spend or invest our time. It's necessary to be disciplined with our money/finances. It's necessary to be disciplined before God and in the place of prayer. It's necessary to discipline our body. It's not always everything the body demands that we have to give it, or else

All Things Are Possible

  Romans 8:11 The resurrection of Jesus is proof that all things are possible with God. The resurrection of Jesus has many implications and positive benefits for humanity. There is nothing impossible when God is involved, The life and ministry of Jesus is testament to the fact that all things are possible with God. Everything about Jesus was miraculous. Some of the most impossible situations and scenarios are seen on the pages of the scriptures. In the Bible we see many  impossible cases become possible. A virgin lady getting pregnant is an impossible situation becoming possible. Isaiah 7:14 In the life and ministry of men like Moses, Elijah, and Elisha  we see God making the impossible possible. Jesus demonstrating unusual wisdom beyond the age of a twelve year old when He was twelve years old is evidence of God's possibility power. Luke 2:45-47 The signs, wonders, and miracles seen through Jesus are evidence that with God all things are possible. John 3:2 Luke 5:17-26 The forgive

Blessed To Triumph!

  1 Corinthians 15:57 We are called to be victorious. Through Jesus Christ we have the victory, so God deserves our praise and worship. The blessing of God causes us to triumph. Our true identity is in the blessing of God. Adam (the first man) was blessed like his creator is. He was blessed with the likeness and image of God. Genesis 1:26 He had that image and likeness until the enemy deceived his wife and they both fell. The blessing departed and the first curse came upon Adam, his wife Eve, and humanity. The curse changed the world, and the pattern and order God had put in place. God did not leave humanity without hope. Our creator made an opportunity for the glory and blessing Adam lost to be restored to humanity through the second Adam. Jesus Christ is the second Adam. He is the last Adam. Romans 5:17 The glory and blessing given to man causes us to triumph and prevail, succeed and do well in life. Genesis 1:28 The power of Satan in whatever form- witchcraft, voodoo, sorcery, divin

Intercession: A Vital Key

  Ephesians 6:19 Intercession is standing in the gap on behalf of another person or people in the place of prayer. Intercession is a selfless kind of prayer which benefits another. It is the loving, the strong, and the selfless that usually intercede for others in prayer. It is giving your time, your strength and words to God so that God will benefit another person or people. Selfish leaders cannot inspire selfless prayer! Intercessors are great blessings, its is a great blessing to have intercessors in our lives, families, and churches. No matter how strong your calling is, you need the prayers of others. No matter how anointed you are, you need the prayers of others. No matter how gifted, talented, and endowed you are with spiritual and natural abilities you still need the benefits that come from other people praying for you. It doesn't matter if your calling had the most spiritually dramatic scenario around it when you were called into God's service, you still need the inter

Fight To Win

  1 Corinthians 9:27 Discipline is an important aspect of any sport. Without discipline the indiscipline sportsman cannot be at his/her best. Like a sportsman the citizen of God's kingdom needs discipline to fight and win. The Apostle Paul had a very different approach to ministry and the work of the kingdom of God. His approach to evangelism had to do with his mindset. In the mind of Christ which he had, he paints mental pictures with his words of the sons of God being athletes, being competitive, being fighters and engaging in combat sports. No true combat sport participant enters the fight venue with the intention to loose. Every sportsman who is worth his/her salt competes to win, they compete for the prize, the glory, and the benefits of winning. They compete with the hope and intention of succeeding. 1 Corinthians 9:24 Most athletes compete to make their country, family, and friends proud. The kingdom citizen can also be likened to an athlete, a combat sport participant. Ephe

Kingdom Restoration

  Jeremiah 30:17 Restoration brings honor. Restoration brings dignity. Restoration brings honor. Restoration brings dignity. With restoration, there can be healing and there is a connection between restoration and healing. In the kingdom of God everything is whole. In God's kingdom there is wholeness, freshness, and newness. We receive newness of life in the kingdom of God. Colossians 1:13 2 Corinthians 5:17 In the kingdom of God there is restoration. In the kingdom of God there are signs, wonders, and miracles. This is the realm true and lasting miracles come from. Acts 5:12 Acts 19:11,12 Jesus did everything He saw the Father do. John 5:19 The Father is of the kingdom. So everything Jesus did was of a kingdom perspective. Philippians 2:5-7 The healing, miracles, wholeness, new beginnings, signs and wonders He released to people who were bound and afflicted were from the kingdom. John 3:11-13 Jesus saw people who were blind, lame, tortured, afflicted and with mental health as they