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Flourishing By Divine Ideas

 Proverbs 8:12 Witty inventions are great ideas. Great ideas are aspects of wisdom, the wisdom of God. Prudence, discretion, and witty inventions (clever devices, innovations, plans, ideas) come from the wisdom of God. Everything human beings have achieved were once ideas. Ideas are applicable to every area of life. Good ideas improve our lives and our world. God given ideas make us succeed, they make us flourish, they make us do well. Ideas can help us achieve our goals and dreams. God given ideas can bring us out of tough situations. Not every idea is God inspired, there are bad ideas, wicked schemes, evil devices, and dark plans. Divine ideas are good ideas. Divine ideas not only prosper the individuals blessed to receive the ideas, they benefit other people too. They are ideas given or inspired by God. God wants to give you divine ideas. Ideas are one of the ways God helps and blesses people. Businesses, churches, families, communities, and nations can flourish through ideas, divin
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Flourishing In Divine Love

  1 Corinthians 13 Our text passage is a very popular chapter on love in the scriptures. It is the love chapter, in this chapter we see what divine love is, how important it is, and how it is the very essence of our Christian walk. Love according to 1 Corinthians 13 is depicted as such a tall order to attain for any human. It is a kind of love that is forgiving, sacrificial, caring, and considers the greater good. This is the kind of love God wants fully formed in His people, His churches, and in families. Ephesians 5:2 Human beings are naturally selfish and self seeking, it is the way of the fallen nature in humanity. This fallen nature makes it hard and impossible to walk and operate in the love God would have us live by. The love God wants us growing and flourishing in is divine love. Fortunately the Spirit of God is made available through Jesus Christ to help us walk in this type of love. It is this love that took Jesus to the cross, kept Him on the cross,  it made Him die and rise

The Planting Of The Lord

  Isaiah 61:3 Our text informs about being the planting of the Lord. In the scriptures we see plants used in parables, used to describe, pass messages across, and Jesus and His people referred to as plants. We are spiritual plants. God's own planting! Plants are useful to humanity and they benefit the environment. They beautify the environment, they help the ecological balance, and they are a part of the cycle of life. How well a plant develops has to do with the diligence and care of the husbandman/vinedresser towards the plant. God's people are referred to as His plants. Isaiah 60:21 God is our husbandman/vinedresser/gardener, Jesus is the vine, we are the branches. John 15:1-6 God cultivates our life like a farmer cultivates His farm land, and He nurtures us like  a gardener his plants and a farmer his crops. The result is that we flourish. Psalm 92:12-14 The outcome of God's nurture is that we become fruitful. Jeremiah 17:7,8 Plants are useful to us in  three major ways

Flourishing By Divine Decrees

 Job 22:28 There is great power in decrees. There is creative power in decrees. Decrees release our faith and intentions. A decree can manifest the motivation for which you decree. By decrees I'm referring to verbal declarations made in faith. Decrees can be good or evil, depending on the heart and intention of the person making the decree. It is through our mouth we release what is in our heart. There are good decrees and there are evil decrees. There are written decrees and there are spoken decrees. Written and spoken decrees are backed up by some form of authority. The authority that backs up a decree can be spiritual or political. A decree can also be backed up both spiritually and politically. Spiritually, there a kingdom decrees and diabolical decrees. Politically, there are decrees made by leaders, kings, Presidents, and authorities. We have spiritual and physical dignitaries. Spiritual and physical dignitaries have a right to decree things. Jesus Christ is a spiritual and p

Flourishing By The Covenant

  Ezekiel 17:24 Our text shows it's God who makes people flourish. How well a plant is looked after by the husbandman will determine how well that plant will flourish. Jesus said the heavenly Father is the husbandman, He (Jesus) is the vine, and we (followers of Christ) are the branches. We are meant to flourish and bear fruit to the glory of God. Followers of Jesus Christ are part of Him, we form His body. 1 Corinthians 12:27 As each part of the human body is important and connected, so is each member and assembly of the body of Christ. We are connected by covenant, a covenant with God.  A better covenant. Hebrews 8:6 Our covenant with God is our right to anything we can have in and through God. By virtue of our connection to God we are connected to His life. His life makes us flourish, His life gives us His presence which flows through us. A major new testament  covenant we have is the covenant of God's presence. God's presence is with each believer, His presence is also

Flourishing In Uncertain Times

 Psalm 1:1-3 Our text passage shows it is the right of the righteous to flourish. The righteous can flourish even in uncertain times. Uncertain times are difficult times. Uncertain times are hard times. Uncertain times are dark times. The end times are uncertain times. As tough as the end times are we can flourish in the midst of it. We can become like the proverbial tree by the waterside that flourishes in it's season. God wants us to release our faith for us to flourish. A lot can happen through faith. Matthew 21:22 God wants us to obey Him so that the blessing can function to make us flourish. Deuteronomy 28:1,2 God wants us to tarry in His presence so as to flourish. Psalm 92:12-14 In the presence of God, that which is dead comes to life for God is a God of the living not the dead. Matthew 12:27 To flourish is to thrive. To flourish is to bloom and blossom. To flourish is to prosper. To flourish is to manifest. Growth and development are aspects of flourishing. Only the living

Navigating A New Year

 Isaiah  42:16 Our text passage above shows us God is the one who shows us the path to take and leads us in new directions. Your path matters to God. The way you you choose to take is important to God. Your steps are seen by God and ordered by God. Psalm 37:23 The year ahead of you matters to God too. Luke 13:8-9 Each year God has given you the grace to witness, experience, and journey through is another opportunity to be fruitful for God. God wants you to make the most of the year ahead of you to His glory. Human beings do not always know the way and path to go, we can be limited in wisdom. History shows we do not always make the best choices. The year ahead of us will require knowing the way to go, having the wisdom to make the best decisions and choices. Deuteronomy 30:19 To successfully navigate the year we need to stay in God.. To navigate is to find your way through, it is following the right path to a specific destination. Car drivers either buy a GPS/Navigation device system or