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Deal With The Little Foxes

Song Of Solomon 2:15 Foxes are cunning, shy, fast moving creatures that have some resemblance to dogs. Foxes are known for their speed and agile nature. They are also known to cause damage and may spread certain diseases. They can cause a lot of loss to farmers and poultry businesses. Though they can cause unwanted disturbances they are not often viewed as big threats. The little foxes that spoil the vine in our lives are the seemingly little things in our lives causing loss, pain, setback and defeat. They may be bad habits, wrong thinking, wrong mental programming and ways of life opposed to God's best for our lives. The little foxes in our life can also be people who are against us and against God's divine agenda for our lives. Isaiah 54:15 Jesus called king Herod a fox. Luke 13:31,32 When foxes are left unchecked they can cause a lot of loss or damage. Foxes can steal. They steal from farmers, kill their livestock and negatively affect the farmers profit. T

Don't Cheat Yourself

Joshua 24:15 When we think about being cheated we don't often think about ourselves being the one to cheat ourself. We readily think about the devil who is the chief cheat. We also think about others cheating us without looking inwards. It is possible to cheat yourself. The devil and other human beings are not the only ones who cheat people. You can also cheat yourself. Your choices will determine whether you're cheating yourself or not. How can you cheat yourself ? When you do not accept what God has provided for you. Luke 19:41-44 When you do not know who you are. Luke 9:55 When you do not discern what God has given you. Genesis 21:19 When you operate or live in fear. 1 John 4:18 When you do not plug into God's grace regularly. Romans 6:14 When you withhold kindness or benevolence from the poor. Proverbs 19:17 To cheat yourself is a great tragedy of life. It's better someone else cheats you than you cheating yourself. Daily, there are

Pray & Prophesy

Every son and daughter of God can pray and prophesy. Many Christians know about prayer and emphasize prayer but very few have been taught how to prophesy. Ezekiel 37:9 Prayer is powerful, prophesying is also powerful. Ezekiel 37:1-10 James 5:16 Prayer is communicating with the creator, prophesying is instructing or commanding what God has created according to God's Word. Prophesying is speaking God's divine message to a creation of God. Prayer puts us in the posture of a child receiving from his parent, while prophesying is an adult command from a son or daughter of God for a manifestation to occur. Every child of God should pray and prophesy. You pray to God but you prophesy to creation. We don't prophesy to God but God can prophesy to us. Knowing what to prophesy to comes by God's direction. Ezekiel 37:9 You can speak God's command to the wind, the seas, your mind, your body, your career, and your finances. You can prophesy to anything at God'

Out Of The Wilderness!

Matthew 4: 1-24 The wilderness is not a pleasant place to be. The wilderness is a place of discomfort, hardship and lack of resources. A wilderness is a tough and difficult environment that's synonymous with the desert. A wilderness experience is a desert like experience. On life's journey there can be desert like seasons and experiences. Such experiences can be times of suffering, such seasons can be unpleasant. The good news to us today is that suffering has an end. Suffering is not meant to last forever. 1 Peter 5:10 Your wilderness experience is a season of darkness in your life. The good news to you for today is that light can shine out of your darkness! Genesis 1:2-3 The wilderness season is a season of warfare in your life. It's a season when people 'fight' to survive or succeed. The good news is that you will win the battles and war of life if you stay connected to Jesus Christ. You don't have to wither, sink or become a casualty in the

Prayer, Faith & Authority

James 5:16 God gives authority to those He has called to certain spiritual offices. There's also an authority He has given to everyone who is in the Lord. Ephesians 1:18-23 Authority and faith are connected. Your authority works by knowledge and faith. You need knowledge to know you've been given authority. You need faith to use and make your authority work. Mark 11:23 Your authority reflects in your prayer. Your authority also shows in answer to your prayer. Prayer generates power. Prayer supplies the power that makes your authority potent. Prayer, faith and authority are connected. Your authority makes you confident to use your faith. The manifestation of your faith shows your authority, and the combination of your authority and faith reflects on the way you pray. Your faith and your authority makes your prayer potent while your prayer generates spiritual power which shows you have authority since there is no authority without power! Authority is delegate

Use Your Authority

Luke 10:19 Every child of God has God given, God delegated power that is meant to be used. This God delegated power is what we call authority. Authority and power are connected. Power is the force or energy that makes things happen. Power creates an impact. Authority is the right to use that power. Authority gives confidence. Jesus operated in kingdom power when He was here on earth. Luke 5:17 Jesus had power and He confidently used it because He has the authority to do so. He taught the word of God with authority because He knew He was teaching what the Father tells Him. Matthew 7:28,29 Jesus knew He had the authority to use the power He has. John 5:21 John 17:2 If you are saved and in Christ, you have the authority to use God's power in you. Mark 16:17,18 You have the authority to use God's faith in you. You have the authority to confess God's Word and expect results. You have the authority to declare a thing and see it manifest according to God