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Kingdom Greatness

Psalm 147:5-7 God is a great God. Greatness is one of the attributes of God. God's works are great. God's faithfulness is great. God's power is great. God's name is great. God's kingdom is great. God's resources are great and inexhaustible. 1 Chronicles 29:12 As a person connected to God, as a son/daughter of God you are great to. It is God's will that you manifest greatness. It's God's will that our lives follow the great plan God has for us. Jeremiah 29:11 There are great insights and secrets God has to share with you. Jeremiah 33:3 God's view of a great life is often different from man's idea of what a great life is. While people often view those they consider great by things like the persons social standing, career success, huge bank balances and material acquisition. God views the greatness of an individual by the individuals obedience , calling , purpose , and endurance . John the Baptist is a classic example of thi

Prayer & Your Needed Change

Psalm 126:1-3 When life is a continuous cycle of the same kind of result, you need a change. When you look into the scriptures and your life doesn't reflect the promises within it you need a change. When your life has been following a pattern you don't like, you need a change. God is beautiful for all situations Psalm 48:1,2 With and through prayer God can come into the situation of our lives. God can give us the needed change we need and seek if we pray. Prayer can help bring about the needed change you seek if you pray, this is because God is a God who answers prayer. God answered the prayer of king Asa - 2 Chronicles 14:11,12 God answered the prayer of king David - Psalm 118:21 God answered the request of king Solomon - 1 Kings 3:5-15 God answered Hannah - 1 Samuel 2:1-5 The God who answered all these people is still on the throne. Psalm 47:8 The God who heard these people can hear you. The God who heard these characters is alive and well. He reigns in the

God's Kingdom Dream

When Jesus was on earth, His teaching ministry was very much about painting mental pictures in people's minds about the kingdom of God. Matthew 13:31-34 God's dream is that a kingdom minded people will walk the earth before the return of Jesus Christ. They will be people walking in His blessing, power and authority. They will walk in the glory of the kingdom andthe faith of God. Mark 11:22 This kingdom dream is so important to God the Father that He sent the two most important men who could deliver such a message - Jesus the Christ and John the Baptist to deliver it. Matthew 3:1,2 Matthew 9:35 It is very important today's Christians understand the kingdom of God. We must not loose focus of the message Jesus came with. It is the will of God that our lives manifest the kingdom of heaven on earth. Deuteronomy 11:21 This is why the kingdom is within us. Luke 17:21 It is within us so that we can manifest it. Jesus taught us it is what is within that we manifest

Your Prayer & Your Liberty

James 5:15 You have a right to live free. Your liberty is of utmost importance to make the most of the life God has given you. Your liberty is something Jesus paid a high price for. 1 John 3:8 God wants you free and you should be free. Everything keeping you bound in your life is illegal in your life if you are in Christ Jesus. Isaiah 10:27 Through prayers of faith we can tap into what Jesus Christ has done for us. Through prayers of faith we can receive and manifest the fullness of what Jesus Christ has done for us. If you feel bound in any area of your life, reach out to God for He made provision for your freedom. The enemy always seeks to keep people bound but it's everyone's responsibility to accept the freedom Christ offers. Matthew 11:29,30 We tap into that freedom through the prayer of faith. We can be free from sin and deception. We can be free from bad habits. We can be free from spiritual oppression. We can be free from financial torment. We can b

God Cares

Life has its tough moments. Life has its seasons of challenges, storms, and perhaps uncertain phases. Life is not a bed of roses as it's popularly said, and God knows this. When we go through the waters of difficulty and affliction God has promised to be there for us - His people. Isaiah 43:2 It is a great honor and privilege to face life with God's presence. God is with  His sons and daughters. God cares for His people. 1 Peter 5:7 Since God cares, He helps, supports and intervenes in the lives of His children. 1 Peter 5:10 Those who leave God out of their life's journey don't know what they are missing. Many have become casualties of life and spiritual battles because they have refused to journey through life with God. 1 Samuel 31:4,5 Life wasn't intended by the creator that man should journey through it without the creators (God) presence. Adam and Eve had God's presence, as well as everyone God has called. Since God cares, He has made His

Prayer & The End Time Deception

Satan is a master at working on people's minds. Satan is the great deceiver. Revelation 12:9 Satan is the master of all deceivers. He is the 'brain' behind false religions, evil cultures, misguiding philosophies, paranormal activities, the world system and anything that goes against God. He is the infuencer of false prophets, false teaching and deceptive ministries. Satan is the inspiration behind demonic prayers. Acts 23:12 Satan is the instructor of demons, the director of fallen angels and the master mind of evil. He is the one who blinds minds, holds peoples brain 'captive' and stops them from seeing seeing the truth. 2 Corinthians 4:4 Satan is the king of hypocrisy. Satan is the 'power' behind counterfeit Christianity. He is the presence behind the hybrid religion created to appeal to both the Christians and the Pagans. Satan is the king of religious sorcery and idolatry of this world.. Satan is the father of the end time deception tha

You Will Make It

John 6:16-21 God didn't create us for regrets. God didn't bring us into this world to be casualties of life. God did not create you to be a victim of evil. God did not create your life to be a continuous cycle of defeat, failure or supposed bad luck. You are in the kingdom of God to manifest as more than a conqueror! Romans 8:37 The will of God for you remains the same as His plan for the first man (Adam), that you may have God's mandate of blessing operating for you. Genesis 1:26,28. God did not bring you into His kingdom for your life to be a repeat of what it was when you were not in His kingdom. Colossians 1:13 When you have Jesus in your life, your life should be the winning life. 1 Peter 2:9 When you are in the camp of Jesus Christ, you are in the victors camp. 1 John 5:4 When Jesus is in the boat of your life you will get to your destination, you will make it irrespective of the storms of life you face and all the enemy throws at you. As soon as Je

Prayer & Your Open Heaven

Luke 3:21 The scripture passage above shows that Jesus was praying during His baptism when His heaven opened. You need an open heaven. You can have an open heaven. There is a huge difference between a person who walks with an open heaven and a person who doesn't. If Jesus needed an open heaven to fulfill His destiny, you will need an open heaven to fulfill your calling, carry out your assignment and walk in your destiny. Like Jesus Christ, your life will be greatly blessed with an open heaven. You can pray for an open heaven, you can ask God for an open heaven. John 14:13-14 An open heaven is God's will for you. An open heaven is the work of the Holy Spirit. An open heaven is a great blessing from God. An open heaven is a sign of God's approval. An open heaven represents an empowered destiny. Matthew 3:16 An open heaven means you will make it. An open heaven means you can be and have all God has for you. Luke 12:32 We cannot be more than what heaven has