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You Are God's Surprise

Matthew 27:14 Every child of God's kingdom has the potential to manifest as a positive surprise on the earth. Every son and daughter of God is supposed to manifest on the earth at some point. Romans 8:22-24 When your season of manifestation comes, you will become a positive surprise to many people around you. After a  positive encounter with God, Moses at the age of 80 began to manifest as a prophet of God and a deliverer of God's people. Exodus 3:1-17 There are those you are meant to be a blessing to on this earth according to God's purposes. It was after David the young shepherd contacted the anointing that his life began to move forward until He became king. He went from exploit to exploit, and achievement to achievement. 1 Samuel 16:12,13 David became an amazement not only to his family, the royal household and administration of king Saul but the nations of Judah and Israel too. Gideon was from the smallest tribe of God's chosen people and he was th

A God Of Positive Surprises

2 Kings 7:9-17 God is a God who schedules surprises into the life of His people. God has good plans for your life. Jeremiah 29:11 Part of that good plan God has for you are positive surprises. Since God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or think He does it in a way that is a positive surprise to His people. When God does exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or think it turns out to be a positive surprise to the recipient. Ephesians 3:20,21 When Jesus turned water into wine it was a positive surprise to the groom and the chairman of the occasion. John 2:8,9 What could have been a time of insufficiency, lack, difficulty, and embarrassment turned into a moment of praise, sufficiency, and satisfaction because Jesus Christ got involved. When David killed Goliath, forty days of harassment came to an end for the Israelites. 1 Samuel 17:16 That day turned out a positive surprise for those in God's camp because God was on the side of a youn

The power Of godly compassion

Colossians 3:12 Compassion is a godly quality. Compassion is a virtue and quality greatly needed in today's day and age. Godly compassion has great purpose in it. God is a compassionate God who has great compassion towards His world and His creation. John 3:16 God is compassionate towards those of His household - His heavenly and earthly family. Ephesians 4:32 Ephesians 3:15 If you are in Christ Jesus you are a member of God's household and kingdom. Luke 12:32 God is a responsible Father, a very family minded Spirit. The idea/concept of family started with God and is from God. Hebrews 12:9 If you are a member of God's family you have become God's responsibility and God has become your true source. As a member of God's family you have God's compassion. Romans 9:15 God is compassionate towards you. We have to be compassionate to others as well, especially those of God's household/kingdom. Empathy, compassion, and mercy are qualities gre


Ephesians 4:32 Empathy is an aspect of compassion. Empathy leads to compassion. Love produces empathy. 1 Peter 3:8 Compassion is a great quality. Compassion is a great virtue every true Christian should have. Empathy is the ability to feel what another person is feeling with the ability to put yourself in the position of that individual, to sympathetically know what that individual is going through. Romans 12:15 Empathy is evidence your heart is circumcised. Romans 2:25-29 Jesus Christ  was a very compassionate man. Luke 7:13 Jesus must have been a very empathetic individual. Empathy comes from the heart, it has to do with the type of heart you have and it's state. False prophets and ministers are individuals who are not compassionate or empathetic to Gods sheep. They are out to fleece the sheep and flock of God. Their hearts have been seared. 1 Timothy 4:2 Individuals who are empathetic won't cheat, rob, deceive or mistreat other people or animals. They