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Prayer: The Way Maker

The God we serve is a God who can make a way for His people where there seems to be no way. Isaiah 43:19 Prayer is a major way we connect and communicate with God. God responds to the prayers of His saints. Psalm 145:18 Since God responds to our prayers, prayers can make a way for us. If you are stuck in any area of life, you need to pray. Exodus 14:10-16 If you feel cornered in any area of life, you need to pray. 2 Chronicles 14:8-12 If you feel limited, incapable, and fearful to go forward in life you need to take your prayer life seriously.  2 Chronicles 14:8-12 If you have been losing life's battles you need to pray. 1 Chronicles 4:9,10 If you are being dug by failure in everything you do, you need to pray well. 1 Chronicles 4:9,10 If your life is following a pattern you're not happy about, you need to pray. 1 Chronicles 4:9 Prayer can change things, make a way and bring an open door when we pray well and God is pleased with our prayer. 1 Kings 3:10 We have

The Oil, The Sword & The Fire.

As we journey through life there can be dark days. There can be difficult times and what the Bible calls "the hour of darkness". Luke 22:53 God knows about our tough times and our hour of darkness, but more importantly He cares. Psalm 8:4 Because God loves us, He cares for us. Because He cares, He has made provision for our difficult times, for our hour of darkness. Psalm 46:1 Irrespective of who or what brought the difficult time, there is provision that God has provided for those in His Kingdom that will help them navigate through such times effectively to the shame of the devil and enemies. John 10:9 The oil, the sword and the fire are provisions God has given us that should help us out of any and every storm into the place of victory. Deuteronomy 20:4 The oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 61:1 The sword represents the Word of God. Ephesians 6:17 The fire represents God's power and it's effects. Exodus 9:23 The Holy Spirit will help us s

Your Prayer & Your Deliverance.

Mark 10:46-52 Jesus is the deliverer, on earth deliverance was part of what he went about doing. Prayer can make deliverance happen. To be delivered is to be set free, it is to be released by God's intervention and power. Deliverance is heaven's intervention in earthly affairs to bring about freedom because of what Jesus Christ has done. The end result of deliverance is freedom. Isaiah 61:1 Freedom is so important. We need to be free to function the way God wants us to function. We need to be free to enjoy God's blessings and goodness. We need to be free to be who God has recreated us to be in Jesus Christ. We need to be free to live by the Word of God and do what God expects of us. Types of deliverance : 1. Individual deliverance 2. Spiritual deliverance 3. National deliverance 4. Family deliverance 5. Physical deliverance {situation and circumstance} 6. Health deliverance 7. Financial deliverance {from poverty and lack} Why should we be delivered ?

Legitimate & Illegitimate Authorities

Luke 10:19 Jesus Christ is the only legitimate authority there is. Matthew 28:18 The Lordship of Jesus Christ is approved from God the Father and everything He is and does is with the legitimate and legal backing of God, His Father. Matthew 3:17 A legitimate authority is one that has the right, the authority and authorization to enforce laws and take certain actions. Romans 13:1-7 A judge in a court of law has the authority to punish, set free and make certain decisions based on the law and constitution of the nation that judge is in. God is the true judge of all. Isaiah 33:22 An illegitimate authority is an individual who is not authorized to do what he or she is doing. An illegitimate authority is a misfit, a person who is in an office he or she should not be in, and using the authority of that office. Acts 19:11-17 Satan is an illegitimate authority in the life of any true child of God. That's why you are permitted to resist Him. James 4:7 There are many illegitima

Your Prayer & Your Justice.

Hebrews 10:30 Part of the justice of God to His people is to avenge them. God is a God of justice. Ecclesiastes 3:17 God is a God who does justly. God wants justice for His children. As God's children when we have been unfairly treated we can go to our heavenly Father and demaind justice. God brings justice to make the righteous joyful. Proverbs 21:15 God desires to give us justice because God knows we don't live in a fair world. God knows it's possible His children can be cheated, mistreated, and taken advantage of. And it is in God's plan to do something about it. God will do something about your unfair treatment because He is the one who avenges. Romans 12:19 David was a man who knew God is a God of justice and he used to ask the Lord to give him justice. David knew God loves justice. Psalm 33:5 When God gives you justice : 1) Enemies bow before you. Psalm 110:1 2) Your respect is restored. 3) Your reputation is repaired. 4) Your victory is assu

God's Compensation Plan.

1 Peter 5:10 God has a plan to compensate you for every challenge. setback, difficulty, and suffering you've ever faced. Life can be tough at times and it's not God's will that we don't reap or receive any rewards in life. It is not God's plan that our life should be a continuous journey of suffering, sorrow or pain. It is God's will that life goes well for you. Proverbs 4:18 Compensations are important because we will get weary and faint without them. Galatians 6:9 Compensations encourage us and keep us going. Knowing you will be compensated inspires you to obey the Lord  and stay in God's will even when it's not easy or popular. Hebrews 12:2 Your compensation is the reward or benefit you get for doing what is expected of you very well. Companies, individuals, governments, parents compensate when staff, friends, citizens,family or children do the right thing. How much more God? Hebrews 11:6 If human beings are wise enough to compensate one another, how

Your Prayer & Your Glory.

2 Peter 1:19 You have glory that God has given you. You have a 'star', a heavenly manifestation of your God given glory. You star reveals the glory you are supposed to manifest on the earth. Romans 8:19 The wise men could see that the star of Jesus which appeared is the star of a king, the star of a man who is not ordinary. They could see the fulfillment of prophecy in the star of Jesus, they could tell the Messiah has been born. They rose up, traveled a long journey and came to worship the man whose star has been seen. May your star be seen by the right people! The right people are those who rejoice when they see see your glory. Prayer affects the earthly, heavenly and spiritual realms. James 5:17 Prayer can protect and help the shinning of your star. Prophets and inspired men had been praying about the coming of Jesus Christ for hundreds of years. Prayer can defeat and dislodge evil forces against your glory. Prayer is part of your spiritual armour and weaponry. Ephesians 6:1

Winning By Praise

2 Chronicles 20: 1-12 2 Chronicles 20:13-23 The enemy (Satan) doesn't fight fair. Agents of Satan in the form of human beings don't fight fair to. They are like their master, the very force that uses them. On life's journey you may come across such people. You don't have to look for them, if you are on God's side they will look for you. Such people came against Jehoshaphat (king of Judah). They were the enemy nations which were enemies of God's people. They networked and gathered together to defeat Jehoshaphat. Three nations against one nation is not a fair fight. Three kings against one king is not a fair fight. This was the predicament Jehoshaphat was in and he looked doomed and sure to fail. Fortunately Jehoshaphat was part of God's chosen people, a people loved by and connected to a God who specializes in strategies. Praise is a winning strategy. And praise was the strategy God gave Jehoshaphat to defeat his adversaries. Praise, unfor

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