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Be Still.

Psalm 46:10 Learning to be still before God is an important skill we should all learn. There is a time to be still. Ecclesiastes 3:1 Stillness can be an evidence of our faith that God is at work in our lives. Restlessness and impatience are often strategies the enemy uses to frustrate us. Anxiety is a tactic the enemy uses to gain an advantage over us. Philippians 4:6 Stillness is the outcome of peace in our heart. We need to be still from time to time to remain sane in this hectic world. Stillness is an aspect of confidence.  Confidence is necessary for exploits, achievements and victory. In the place of stillness and solitude we learn to think straight and see clearly. Confidence is a part of our faith. Faith is an absolute confidence and trust in God. This means that stillness is part of our faith and should be employed in our journey of life. Stillness is needed to convert what we hear to faith in our hearts. Hebrews 4:2 To be still is to not run ahead of God.

Prayers: An Answer To Affliction

James 5:13 Prayers can bring about the cure for afflictions. Troubles, hardships, suffering and sadness can come with this journey called life. Afflictions can come because of the attacks of the kingdom of darkness, wrong choices we've made, or decisions others have made which affect us. Afflictions can be self caused or caused by circumstances beyond us. The way an affliction started is not as important as the fact that God wants you free and tough times shouldn't last forever. 1 Peter 5:10 Since God wants us free He responds to prayers of faith. God moves to set us free, God hears our prayers for freedom and He cares about our freedom because of what Jesus Christ has done. God has the answer to our affliction and He requires that we pray. Prayers set angels into operation. Daniel 10:12 Angels manifest from the presence of God in obedience to the direction of the Father. When we pray, angels are released to minister unto us. Hebrews 1:14 A prayer of faith c

When God Is With You

Colossians 2:9 It has always been God's desire to live with and and among His people. We see this in several passages of the old testament. Exodus 29:45,46 Leviticus 26:11 In the new covenant/testament God exceeded His wish wish of just living among His people. He goes ahead to live in them by making His people His home, His habitation. Luke 17:21 This is what the coming of Jesus to earth shows us, that man can now live with the fullness of God within him. Like Jesus, the fullness of the godhead can be resident within you. John 14:23 In Jesus and who He was we see who we are and who we can become. Romans 8:29 This is the kingdom message. It is a message of God living through man. It is a message of God coming to live in man with everything God has to offer (the kingdom) Ephesians 1:22-23 John the baptist came with a message of repentance for the kingdom of God is at hand. Matthew 3:2,3 Jesus the Christ came with the message - "the kingdom of God is in yo

Prayer & The New Year

2 Timothy 2:8 Everyday is a good day to pray. Every time of the day is a good time to pray. Praying and declaring God's word over your life and all that concerns you is a good way to start the new year. Your prayers at the start of the year can go a long way in shaping some outcomes of the year ahead. All men need prayer. 1 Timothy 2:1,2 You can have your miracle, your breakthrough, your inheritance, your favor and your joy. 2018 can be a year of brightness for you indeed. 2018 can be the year you rise and shine. It can be the year of fulfilled dreams for you but you must pray. Prayer is a major way we lay hold on what is ours. James 5:16 Prayer is a major way we tap into what is within us to manifest them. Luke 17:21 Prayer is a major way we chart our course and receive the benefits of the finished works of Christ. Let's be aware the enemy tries to resist our blessings and manifestation. Daniel 10:12-14 Let's be aware that each open door or opportunit

An Answer Of Peace.

Genesis 41:16 You may not have the answers you want but the answer you need is not far from you. God in His mercies will not leave you without answers. We are in a new year, and perhaps last year ended for you without the answers you were looking for in certain areas of your life. People around you may not know the secret prayers of your heart and some of the things you've been trusting God for but what I do know is that God is faithful. God can and God will give you the answers you seek. Like the Pharaoh in Genesis 41, perhaps you're troubled, disturbed, impatient or restless because certain things haven't worked out or there are certain delays around you. Perhaps you're troubled because no one has been able to solve your issues and no one seems to have the answers you seek. Don't loose your peace. Be encouraged. It's not over, God's goodness to you is just starting. As God gave Pharaoh an answer of peace through Joseph, God is giving you an

Prayer & Divine Victory.

Exodus 14:9-30 Moses was a man who heard God and communicated with God. The benefits of communicating with God was obvious on Moses life, ministry, calling and the nation he led - the nation of Israel. Historically, archaeologically, spiritually, and in terms of divine victory the story of Moses and the nation of Israel is a sterling example of what God can do. In this new year God is ready to make things bright, beautiful and successful for you. God can and will compensate and restore you for all you have been through and lost. 1 Peter 5:10 God can and will give you divine victory over every enemy in this year. Isaiah 49:25,26 However, Moses's communication with God always occurred before the victories. We communicate with God by praying. You can have glowing and great victory in the areas you need it in this year of brightness. But prayer is the requirement. 2 Chronicles 7:14 Prayer is required to make the most of 2018. In the place of prayer God will speak to


2 Samuel 23:8-12 You are a warrior in the army of God's kingdom if you have made Jesus Christ your Lord and saviour. 2 Timothy 2:3-5 The mighty men of David we read about in the text passage above are a classic example of what warriors should be like. There are many things we can learn from them. 1) They were loyal to their king - king David. Just as we should be loyal to our king - Jesus Christ. Luke 9:62 2) They were powerful, valiant and courageous warriors who killed giants, defeated Philistine armies and went all out for their nation/kingdom. In the same manner we should be powerful, valiant, and courageous sons and daughters of God who go all out for the kingdom of God. Like Jesus let's go about God's kingdom. Matthew 9:35 David was a prosperous king, a master warrior himself and he had a great army. Among David's army 37 warriors stood out. And among these 37 warriors, 3 stood out. 3) What we see with these 3 outstanding warriors of David is t

Prayer & Partnerships.

Matthew 18:19 Partnerships are powerful things! Partnerships can bring outstanding results and good success. The Bible shows us the importance of the partnerships we make. The people we align with may make us or break us. This year, partner with the right people. This year form friendships with people who are contributing to your life positively. Are your present friends and partners contributing to any area of your life positively or helping you? If not you need to change your circle. Partnerships in prayer are powerful. This is what is commonly called the prayer of agreement. The prayer of agreement is when two people or more join their faith together in prayer to agree for an answer before the Lord. Your prayer partner will most likely be your friend. Your friendships are important. Proverbs 18:24 Your friendships can determine what comes into your life. 1 Samuel 18:4 Friendships are the structure that hold up partnerships. Friendships make partnerships work. T

Happy New Year!

It is a new year, congratulations for making it through 2017. It calls for gratitude and thanks giving to God. We should all be grateful and thankful for God's grace and mercy that has brought us this far. As a church ministry we are optimistic 2018 will be a great year for us and all those who are part and will be part of what we do here. The word declared over and about the year 2018 is BRIGHTNESS . 2018 is our year of brightness. Our motivating scripture among others is Isaiah 60:3. It's our believe and prayer that as you obey God diligently this year your light will shine, you will rise and kings will come to the brightness of your rising. We love you and hope to see you in one of our services soon. God bless you and happy new year!


Romans 8:31-39 You have what it takes to make it in 2018. Nothing should be strong enough to make you sink in 2018. You have what it takes to bring down your Goliaths and overcome your enemies. You have what it takes to overcome your challenges in 2018. You have what it takes to be the person God has created you to be and achieve the things God wants you to achieve. In 2018 make sure you know who you are in God to make the most of the year. Know what you are about, what you have to offer, have a sense of identity to make the most of 2018. Psalm 82:6 Our mentality will determine a lot about what happens to us in 2018. Romans 8:5-8 Have the mentality of a winner in 2018. Operate with the wisdom and the mind of Christ in 2018. 1 Corinthians 2:16 Be like the lion who knows what he has and has a sense of identity (king of the jungle). That the lion is facing another animal taller than himself doesn't mean the lion thinks he cannot take down the taller animal he is hun