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Prevailing By The Blessing

  Genesis 49:25,26 The scripture passage above shows us Joseph had the blessing of God on his head. He wore the blessing spiritually like a crown! The blessing made Joseph a prince among his brothers! You need the blessing to prevail in a dark and difficult world. No matter how dark the times are we are meant to prevail as God's people. No matter how dark it gets in the world we are meant to shine through and in the darkness. Light is who we are in Christ Jesus. Shinning is the responsibility and blessing God has given to us. It is what we do! Matthew 5:14-16 It is clear dark times are upon the earth. Isaiah 60:2 Humanity has rejected the peace, the joy, the blessing, and the pattern of God for itself  by rejecting the person and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Romans 3:10,11 As Jesus wept over Jerusalem for her atrocities and not recognizing the day of her visitation, He weeps today over the consequences of the choices the world is making. Luke 19:41-44 Jesus Christ is the hope for hum

Kingdom Blessings!

  Revelation 5:12 God's blessing doesn't necessarily start in a life with material things or pleasant experiences happening to us. When we mention the blessing of God some people think along the lines of some material acquisition, money, a nice spouse, lovely children and a successful business or career. While all those things can be part of the manifestation of the blessing and they are good, they are not the blessing of God in itself. God's view is quite different from man's view, God's perspective is often different from humanity's perspective. Adam, the first man God created would not have been all he could be without the blessing of God. The blessing was necessary for Adam to succeed and be God like. Genesis 1:26,28 God wanted His creation (Adam and Eve) to be like Him, so He blessed them The blessing makes us God-like! God is blessed, God is the blessed  and only potentate. 1 Timothy 6:15 God is the one from whom all blessings flow. James 1:17 If we are of

Learn To Fight

1 Timothy 6:12 You have to fight for what you want and what you want to see in a positive sense. You have to fight against and for your reality. 1 Timothy 1:18 There is a type of fight that is good, there is a type of fight God commends. It is called the fight of faith! This is a fight God has called you to. As a member of God's kingdom you need to know how to fight the fights God wants you to fight. In God's kingdom we are called to a divine wrestle, we are called to strength, for we are soldiers! In God's kingdom we are called to fight. Ephesians 6:10,12 Angels of God are citizens of God's kingdom just like everyone who has given their lives to the Lord. Angels of God know how to fight! Revelation 12:7 The scriptures inform us they are strong. Psalm 103:20 In a fight, it is the stronger individual who wins while the one who wasn't strong enough looses. Satan wasn't strong enough and he was thrown out of heaven, he lost the fight! Revelation 12:7,8 In the kingd