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Slaying The Python Spirit.

Revelation 20:2 Satan is often referred to as a snake or serpent in the Bible. Genesis 3:1-5 A python is a type or breed of snake.  The python spirit is simply the spirit of Satan. It is an evil spirit that operates like a python. The python is a snake that strangles it's victims. The python suffocates its victim by weakening its victim. It makes its victim weak by wrapping itself around its victim until its victim is too weak to escape or fight back. The python then opens its mouth and swallows up its victim no matter how big the victim is. It has a mouth that expands and opens wide. The python is a large snake known to swallow up crocodiles, human beings and even cows of moderate sizes. The spirit of Satan operates like a python snake. It is a spirit of discouragement, misfortune and continuous problems. The aim of this wicked spirit is to continuously attack its target with problems and misfortune until  its victim feels weak, choked, hopeless and defeated. The

Defeating The Lions Of Life

Psalm 22:11-13 Lions are beasts, they are devourers and are regarded as kings of the jungle. Lions use fear as a tactic to defeat their prey and have teeth, speed and strength to tear apart their victim. As tough and intimidating as the lion is, it can still be defeated, captured and even killed. Many things in the natural realm are similar to what things are like in the spirit realm. Lions are very symbolic in the Bible : Jesus Christ is the lion of the tribe of Judah The devil operates like a lion. 1 Peter 5:8 Evil spirits operate like lions because they are devourers and the Bible calls them beasts. Malachi 3:11, Psalm 22:21 Evil spirits can be wild and violent like lions, we see this when Jesus was on the cross. Psalm 22:11,12 There are lion like angels. Ezekiel 1:10 Lions are used to represent victory and royalty. Genesis 49:9 Evil spirits want to be victorious over you. We can become victims of the lions of life if we don't listen to God. 1 Kings 20:36 Evil

Battling The Bulls Of Bashan

Psalm 22:12 Bulls are powerful, big, cow like creatures known for their ruggedness and aggression. Bulls can be fearless and are well known for their quick temper. Bulls are stronger than the normal man. When a bull and a normal human being collide the human being is the one who dies. The bulls of Bashan represent enemies or problems that are beyond us, they are the enemies or problems we cannot fix by our own power. They are enemies or challenges stronger than we are. The bulls of Bashan are challenges meant to destroy us, they are problems meant to take us out. They are challenges which the enemy and his agents have programmed into our lives with the intention of the problems defeating us. They are problems empowered or fed by the enemy. Bashan was an enemy nation headed by an evil king called Og. Og and the whole army of Bashan tried to fight the nation of Israel but God gave Israel  victory over Og and the army of Bashan. Og was struck down, his sons and his army was

Shake Off The Serpent

Acts 28:1-5 The serpent or snake is symbolic of the devil in most parts of the scripture. In the garden of Eden Satan appeared as a serpent to talk to and deceive Eve the wife of Adam. Genesis 3:1-6 The outcome of that conversation and deception is all around us today. Romans 5:17-19 The Bible is clear about it, Satan the old serpent  is not to be tolerated. Everywhere we see the devil mentioned by Jesus or in relation to Jesus Christ he is either being castaway, rebuked, fought, rejected or trampled upon. We are to do the same. To tolerate Satan is to accept an enemy. To accept your archenemy is to accept deception, destruction, darkness and defeat. We see an example of what to do with the enemy when he comes against you, you are to shake him off! This is what Apostle Paul did. Acts 28:5 To shake off the enemy is to resist him. James 4:7 To shake off the enemy is overcoming him. Revelation 12:11 To shake off the enemy means you've defeated him. Satan can be and