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A school is a place of learning where we acquire knowledge and training we feel will be beneficial to us in life. The essence of schools is to prepare us for the future, we don't necessarily go to school for the present but schooling is more for the future. There is a common knowledge humanity seems to have, which is that 'the future is more important than the present'. In the film sequels Harry Potter, authored by J.K Rolling and the lead acting acted by Daniel Radcliffe we see that there is a spiritual school of witchcraft that is as real as a physical school called Hogwarts where witches and wizards are groomed. They learn how to use their 'powers', develop their talents and they are observed in this school so as to discover who is special and what each witch/wizard can do. There is a truth in what J.K Rowling penned about Hogwarts. I believe there are spiritual schools as their are physical schools, for the physical realm shows and reflects the spiritua