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Your Last Minute Miracle

Isaiah 43:19 God is a God of the miraculous. God is a God of all possibilities. God can and is able to work a miracle at a moment in time. With God, all things are possible. Luke 1:37 That a thing is not possible with man doesn't mean it's impossible with God. Matthew 19:26 Where a matter ends with man, God may just be getting started with it. God is not bound by man's chronological time. God is not confined to time but He can work in time. That it is a last minute situation for you doesn't mean God cannot come through for you. We see that God often saves the best for last. John 2:9,10 That it is the last day of the year, the last Sunday of the year, the last Month of the year, the last chance to seize that opportunity or the last day to pay up doesn't mean God won't come through for you. That it looks tough doesn't mean God won't make a way. God may not always seem early to you but He is never late. The children of Israel looked to

Your Father Hears

Matthew 6:5,6 Prayer should be directed to the Father. Jesus showed this when He taught His disciples the Lord's prayer. It should be a great comfort to you to know that the creator and God of all hears you when you pray. This should encourage you to pray and keep praying. In our day to day relationships with people our communication will reduce towards those who don't pay attention when we're talking to them. The good thing about God is that He is never distracted. Know you have His attention when you pray . He can be communicated with. He hears, He created the ears. Psalm 94:9 Jesus encouraged prayer. Matthew 26:40 Jesus taught prayer. Luke 11:1,2 If Jesus prayed, you will need to pray. Why Should You Pray? *Pray because prayer brings God's intervention. Isaiah 38:5,6 *Pray because that's how you are authorized to communicate with God. 1 Thessalonians 15:16-18 *Pray because it is a major way of birthing God's will on earth. 1 Kings 18

Receiving Your Harvest

2 Corinthians 9:10 Your harvest is what your seed evolved into or what your seed attracted into your life. Your harvest is what should be rightfully yours. It is the law of life and way of God that after a season of planting, you should receive your harvest. Psalm 126:5,6 In the kingdom of God, God has good and great harvests for His people. Exodus 23:16 When you sow into the kingdom of God you will get a harvest. Mark 10:29,30 Make sure you receive your harvest. Your harvest is necessary so that you don't burn out, get tired or give up. Your harvest is your reward, your right and compensation for all your hard work, sacrifice, and wise investment of time. When you give God your time and life you will reap harvests. Your harvest can be financial, spiritual, or material blessings like things or people. 1 Peter 5:10 Don't let anything or anyone cheat you out of your harvest. The enemy of your soul will try to rob you of your harvest. John 10:10 The kingdom o

Your Toughest Battle

Galatians 5:19-21 There are spiritual battles,physical battles, mental battles, word battles, emotional battles, battles over our children, financial battles etc. In life you won't be exempt from some form of battle. You just have to learn to fight. The scriptures talks about us having to contend for the kind of faith that the saints of old received from God. Jude 3 This faith has to be fought for. You have to fight for it because there are things that antagonize your faith. There will be issues sent to distract you from the path of faith. The devil, your flesh and this evil world system are enemies of your faith. The devil is a defeated foe that the Lord Jesus Christ has overcome. Colossians 2:15 The authority, power and ammunition we need to defeat the devil each time he comes against us has been provided by God. Luke 10:19 Your flesh will be your toughest opponent. Galatians 5:17 The flesh battle is your toughest battle. This evil world system will collapse,

The Importance Of The Anointing

Acts 10:38 The anointing is the presence of the Holy Spirit with a person. The anointing speaks, the anointing directs, and the anointing teaches people what they need to know and do. 1 John 2:27 You need the anointing. You can grow in the anointing. It is also possible to depart from the anointing. The anointing won't depart from you but you can depart from the anointing. You should remain in Him. It is worth it investing time to understand the your anointing, growing in your anointing and obeying the anointing. As you get to know a person better by spending time with them, so it is with the anointing in your life. With the anointing, you can't go wrong. The anointing strategically positions you in God's kingdom and in life. Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit. Colossians 2:9 Jesus had the anointing when He was here on earth. Jesus is our example of what our life can be when we have the anointing. Hebrews 12:2 Jesus knew His purpose. Luke 2:49 Jesus