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Your Last Minute Miracle

Isaiah 43:19 God is a God of the miraculous. God is a God of all possibilities. God can and is able to work a miracle at a moment in time. With God, all things are possible. Luke 1:37 That a thing is not possible with man doesn't mean it's impossible with God. Matthew 19:26 Where a matter ends with man, God may just be getting started with it. God is not bound by man's chronological time. God is not confined to time but He can work in time. That it is a last minute situation for you doesn't mean God cannot come through for you. We see that God often saves the best for last. John 2:9,10 That it is the last day of the year, the last Sunday of the year, the last Month of the year, the last chance to seize that opportunity or the last day to pay up doesn't mean God won't come through for you. That it looks tough doesn't mean God won't make a way. God may not always seem early to you but He is never late. The children of Israel looked to

Your Father Hears

Matthew 6:5,6 Prayer should be directed to the Father. Jesus showed this when He taught His disciples the Lord's prayer. It should be a great comfort to you to know that the creator and God of all hears you when you pray. This should encourage you to pray and keep praying. In our day to day relationships with people our communication will reduce towards those who don't pay attention when we're talking to them. The good thing about God is that He is never distracted. Know you have His attention when you pray . He can be communicated with. He hears, He created the ears. Psalm 94:9 Jesus encouraged prayer. Matthew 26:40 Jesus taught prayer. Luke 11:1,2 If Jesus prayed, you will need to pray. Why Should You Pray? *Pray because prayer brings God's intervention. Isaiah 38:5,6 *Pray because that's how you are authorized to communicate with God. 1 Thessalonians 15:16-18 *Pray because it is a major way of birthing God's will on earth. 1 Kings 18

Receiving Your Harvest

2 Corinthians 9:10 Your harvest is what your seed evolved into or what your seed attracted into your life. Your harvest is what should be rightfully yours. It is the law of life and way of God that after a season of planting, you should receive your harvest. Psalm 126:5,6 In the kingdom of God, God has good and great harvests for His people. Exodus 23:16 When you sow into the kingdom of God you will get a harvest. Mark 10:29,30 Make sure you receive your harvest. Your harvest is necessary so that you don't burn out, get tired or give up. Your harvest is your reward, your right and compensation for all your hard work, sacrifice, and wise investment of time. When you give God your time and life you will reap harvests. Your harvest can be financial, spiritual, or material blessings like things or people. 1 Peter 5:10 Don't let anything or anyone cheat you out of your harvest. The enemy of your soul will try to rob you of your harvest. John 10:10 The kingdom o

Your Toughest Battle

Galatians 5:19-21 There are spiritual battles,physical battles, mental battles, word battles, emotional battles, battles over our children, financial battles etc. In life you won't be exempt from some form of battle. You just have to learn to fight. The scriptures talks about us having to contend for the kind of faith that the saints of old received from God. Jude 3 This faith has to be fought for. You have to fight for it because there are things that antagonize your faith. There will be issues sent to distract you from the path of faith. The devil, your flesh and this evil world system are enemies of your faith. The devil is a defeated foe that the Lord Jesus Christ has overcome. Colossians 2:15 The authority, power and ammunition we need to defeat the devil each time he comes against us has been provided by God. Luke 10:19 Your flesh will be your toughest opponent. Galatians 5:17 The flesh battle is your toughest battle. This evil world system will collapse,

The Importance Of The Anointing

Acts 10:38 The anointing is the presence of the Holy Spirit with a person. The anointing speaks, the anointing directs, and the anointing teaches people what they need to know and do. 1 John 2:27 You need the anointing. You can grow in the anointing. It is also possible to depart from the anointing. The anointing won't depart from you but you can depart from the anointing. You should remain in Him. It is worth it investing time to understand the your anointing, growing in your anointing and obeying the anointing. As you get to know a person better by spending time with them, so it is with the anointing in your life. With the anointing, you can't go wrong. The anointing strategically positions you in God's kingdom and in life. Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit. Colossians 2:9 Jesus had the anointing when He was here on earth. Jesus is our example of what our life can be when we have the anointing. Hebrews 12:2 Jesus knew His purpose. Luke 2:49 Jesus

The Dangers Of Lukewarmness

Revelation 3:14-16 We know from the scripture passage above that God frowns at lukewarmness. I pray you will not be lukewarm, and if you are, I pray you will not remain lukewarm. Lukewarmness according to  our text passage is referring to our spiritual temperature. God doesn't want us spiritually warm. It's either you are hot and on fire for God or you are cold spiritually. To be cold spiritually is to be spiritually dead. The dead have no temperature, they are stone cold. Despite this, there is still hope for the dead. God can work with the dead. The scripture is full of examples of the dead being raised to life physically. It also applies spiritually. In Christ Jesus we are raised to new life and a higher spiritual temperature by God's Spirit. Jesus makes the physically dead come alive. He can also take the spiritually dead and give them spiritual life. John 11:25-26 The spiritually hot are those God is pleased with. They are those who take their faith

The Lord's Anointed

1 Samuel 16:13 It is not everyone who has the anointing. Though the anointing is available for everyone to have, not everyone receives the anointing. Salvation is the gateway to the anointing. The anointing is a gift and spiritual investment God puts in a life. 1 Timothy 4:14 Your looks or good dress sense cannot fetch you the anointing. Your education does not entitle you to the anointing. Scheming is will not get you the anointing. Church attendance does not necessarily guarantee you the anointing. Common sense or human wisdom will not fetch you the anointing. Human opinion or belief is not what gets you the anointing. Your heart has a lot to do with qualifying you for the anointing. 1 Samuel 16:7 A good heart is one of life's great treasures. A good heart puts you in a position to receive gifts from the Lord. David's godly and good heart was part of what qualified him for the anointing. The Lord's anointed may not necessarily be a perfect person.

Who Lives In Your Mind?

Romans 12:2 The world we live in will seek to program your mind - through music, television, social media, philosophies, teachings, people, and even your education. Your mind is the target. This is why you have to be careful what you believe and who you believe. Colossians 2:8 You have only one life to live while on earth. Your life is precious and it must not be wasted believing the wrong things. 2 Timothy 3:8 Your mind, which is a major aspect of your soul is also precious because it will determine a lot about your life while you're here on earth. 3 John 2 Your mind is like a door or gate to your spirit. It is where you process information before you takean action. Satan is the god of this world. 2 Corinthians 4:4 Behind the deceptive and misleading information this world throws at your mind is your enemy - Satan. Your flesh is the place where you face temptation. Your flesh is where the enemy will seek to gain access to your mind. The enemy knows if he has go

THE ROAR OF FAITH: A Christmas With Miracles

Join us for a Christmas with miracles! Join us for a time of receiving from the Lord. Come for a touch from the Master. Join us for for a time of signs, wonders and miracles as we use our faith to receive from the Lord! Come with friends, family and loved ones. Come with your faith. Bring along the sick, the afflicted and those who are bound by the enemy. This will be an evening to remember, God will be glorified. You are invited to THE ROAR OF HOPE: a Christmas with miracles Venue : THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST ASSEMBLY MINISTRY Ascot Community Hall, Star Lane road, Opposite THE HUB, off Hermit Road, Canningtown, London E16 4PL Time : 5:30PM - 9:00PM Call, WhatsApp or SMS Pastor 'Tosin for further information & direction: 07507065409 Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

Mental Warfare

Philippians 4:8 Your mind is very important because it is the 'lense' through which you 'see' life. Your defeat or victory is determined by your mindset. It is in your mind you start winning in life and it's in your mind you start losing in life. Proverbs 4:23 David had already defeated Goliath in his mind before the battle started, his words only expressed what was in his mind. Every other person saw Goliath as a challenge too big to overcome but David who had an anointed mind reduced Goliath in his mind. David reduced Goliath to the size of a bird because it's birds you kill with stones. 1Samuel 17:50 Satan wants your mind. God also wants your mind. There is a demand for your mind in the spirit realm. Whoever you yield your mind to can determine how you end up and who controls you. What we have in our mind determines what we say, and our lives go in the direction of our words. Your mind is often referred to as your heart in scripture. The Bibl

Partners In Ministry (PIM)

Partners in ministry  (PIM) is the partnership arm of The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly . A vision birthed by Pastor Olutosin Ogunkolade to help the mandate and global vision of the church ministry become a speedy reality, P.I.M is intended to enhance the church ministry through prayer (intercessors), outreach (promoters) and finances (financiers) who believe in the mandate and global vision of the church. Partnerships are needed by every man and organisation with a vision for the fulfillment of the vision and project expansion. Ours is no different as a kingdom and divine project of the Lord. We need and want all hands on deck. So we are calling out to all men and women with a heart and burden for the kingdom of God at this time to be part of Partners In Ministry. Prayer warriors are needed, 'foot' soldiers are needed for outreach, and financiers who have been touched by the Lord are needed for the spear heading of God's kingdom message as we teach God's

Your God Given Glory

John 17:5 You have a glory that God has given you. It is your responsibility to know it, appreciate it, and be grateful to God for it. Your talents, gifts and abilities are part of your God given glory. Your uniqueness is part of your God given glory. All good things/gifts come from God. Matthew 25:14-30 God is the giver. God's plan for your life, what the Father has written about you is a large part of your God given glory. Luke 4:17-21 Your physical attributes is part of your uniqueness and God given glory. Your testimony is part of your God given glory. Everything the enemy throws at you and you overcame is part of your God given glory. For every affliction of the enemy you got out of by God's grace, it has added glory to your story because God is glorified. Even the devil is permitted to come against God's people at times but it's all for a purpose. It is so that God will be glorified through our lives. Psalm 96:1 There are different types of gl

The War Of Words

1 Samuel 17: 42-47 Your words matter. Your words will determine whether you will win the battle of life. Words matter in warfare. Life is warfare, so words matter in life. Life is also a mind game, and words create pictures in the mind. Words affect our mind because words are processed in the mind. Whoever is the master in the mental realm will win the battle of life. Don't allow the enemy to take your mind as a captive. This is what he will seek to do. Even the Holy Spirit works with our mind and through our mind, He brings all things to our remembrance. John 14:26 When the enemy speaks- through people, situations, circumstances, thoughts, ideas, or arrows shot at the mind, he is trying to take over your mind. Don't make the mistake of keeping quiet when the enemy speaks to you. Speak back, talk back. To keep quiet when the enemy is trying to take you out is a big mistake! Speak the word of God back to the enemy! The scriptures show us the battle between D

Hope Against Hope

Romans 4:18-21 There is a need for hope in these times we are in. Things are not getting any easier in the world and many people are loosing hope. You need to maintain your hope so as not to give up or fail during difficult times. There are all sorts of energy in today's world and there is a lot to contend with. You need hope. You need hope that all will be well with you in this tough times. Abraham is a man we can learn a lot from. He is regarded as the father of faith and he knew a thing or two about having hope. The Bible says "hope differed makes the heart sick". Proverbs 13:12 Abraham knew about having his hope differed. Abraham knew the pain of waiting for the manifestation of his promise. Abraham knew what it meant to experience unnecessary delay by man's understanding. But Abraham also experienced the faithfulness of God. Abraham received the promise and commendation of God despite the odds. Like Abraham we can receive our promises and be c

Special & Gifted

Every child of God is special. 1 Peter 2:9 Every child of God is gifted. 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 You may not feel special. You may not feel gifted, but it doesn't change the fact that you are special and gifted. If God says you're gifted, then you are. If God says you're special, then you are. 1 Samuel 15:29 What is happening around you may not necessarily reveal your truth. Your truth is what the scriptures reveal you are. Psalm 12:6 Circumstances can be deceiving. Circumstances can be manipulated against you by the enemy of your soul. Situations and circumstances are not your truth and do not have to be your truth because they can change for the better. 2 Corinthians 4:18 What makes you special ? 1) You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Philippians 4:13 2) You are royalty. 1 Peter 2:9 3) You have the Spirit of God with you and in you. John 14:17 4) You are chosen and sent. John 20:21 5) There's a special plan for your

The Dangers Of Assumption

Proverbs 14:12 That a thing seems right doesn't mean it's right. That we believe a thing is right doesn't mean it's right. That we are on a path doesn't mean we are on the right path. Assuming can have it's dangers. We are not meant to build our lives on assumptions. Life is not meant to be assumed. Absalom assumed his coup will succeed and Ahithophael  assumed his counsel will work as usual. Both of them failed. Absalom and Ahithophael both assumed wrongly. God wants us living  with assurance, confidence, conviction, and principles. Faith is an assurance. Hebrews 11:1 Faith is confidence in God. Faith is trust in God. God wants us to live lives of assurance, confidence, and trust. Confidence in who God is. Assurance of God's promises. And total trust in God. This is how God wants us to live. The way God wants His children to live is the opposite of living a life of assumption. Assuming has destroyed many glorious destinies. Assumpt

God Has A Plan

Jeremiah 29:11 Like God, we have to plan well. God has a plan for your life. God is a planner. One of the attributes of God is His great ability to plan to great detail. Your body, internally and externally is a well planned structure made up of many systems. Your brain shows a complex and advanced organ that allows you to function properly. Everything about nature shows God's wonderful work and reveals God as the Master planner. Romans 1:20 Since God is great at planning, it means God is a good thinker! Good planning comes from good thinking! God has a plan for your career. God has the plan for your finances. God holds the plan we need to follow to get to our next level. God has a plan that can give you a breakthrough! God's plan can take a beggar from the dunghill and set him up among princes. 1 Samuel 2:8 God's plan can take a prisoner and turn him into a prime minister. Genesis 41:41-46 God's plan can make a nation win a battle without fighti

Don't Forget

Acts 1:11 As time goes by and we are not reminded of certain things it's easy to forget those things we knew. Some things are so important they are not worth forgetting. The coming back of the Lord Jesus Christ is an event every Christian should expect and not forget. Hebrews 9:28 The second coming of Jesus Christ is the most important event in history. It is an event that will determine the eternal destiny of many people, so it is worth remembering. It is worth being reminded of and all true churches should teach the faithful about the Lord's return. The coming back of Jesus Christ is mentioned by Jesus Himself a number of times in the scriptures through parables, by direct words in the book of Revelation and other books in scripture. Revelation 3:11 The second coming of Jesus is an occurrence we should not mock, reject, deny, or forget. It affects everyone on earth and it's impact will be seen all through eternity. Revelation 22:12,13 The challenge the 5

Understanding The Lord's Rebuke

Deuteronomy 28:20 God rebukes people when He has to. Jesus rebuked Judas Iscariot, it eventually lead to his death. John 13:27 Jesus rebuked Peter, it eventually led to his ministry restoration. John 13:38 Judas Iscariot lost his place in ministry, while Peter was restored to his place in ministry both after the Lord's rebuke. Mercy is what made the difference between Peter and Judas Iscariot. Both men offended the Lord, one betrayed Him while the other denied Him. When God rebukes it can make you better or it can bring about your death. God can rebuke you to correct you. Hebrews 12:6-8 God can also rebuke you to destroy you. Psalm 2:4,5 Pharaoh (in the book of Exodus) was rebuked by God, it lead to his loss and destruction. The wind and the sea was rebuked by Jesus, it brought peace to the disciples but trouble to the source of the problem which is Satan. Mark 4:39 When God rebukes, one of two things happen - correction or death. God corrects those He loves b

Slaying The Python Spirit.

Revelation 20:2 Satan is often referred to as a snake or serpent in the Bible. Genesis 3:1-5 A python is a type or breed of snake.  The python spirit is simply the spirit of Satan. It is an evil spirit that operates like a python. The python is a snake that strangles it's victims. The python suffocates its victim by weakening its victim. It makes its victim weak by wrapping itself around its victim until its victim is too weak to escape or fight back. The python then opens its mouth and swallows up its victim no matter how big the victim is. It has a mouth that expands and opens wide. The python is a large snake known to swallow up crocodiles, human beings and even cows of moderate sizes. The spirit of Satan operates like a python snake. It is a spirit of discouragement, misfortune and continuous problems. The aim of this wicked spirit is to continuously attack its target with problems and misfortune until  its victim feels weak, choked, hopeless and defeated. The

Defeating The Lions Of Life

Psalm 22:11-13 Lions are beasts, they are devourers and are regarded as kings of the jungle. Lions use fear as a tactic to defeat their prey and have teeth, speed and strength to tear apart their victim. As tough and intimidating as the lion is, it can still be defeated, captured and even killed. Many things in the natural realm are similar to what things are like in the spirit realm. Lions are very symbolic in the Bible : Jesus Christ is the lion of the tribe of Judah The devil operates like a lion. 1 Peter 5:8 Evil spirits operate like lions because they are devourers and the Bible calls them beasts. Malachi 3:11, Psalm 22:21 Evil spirits can be wild and violent like lions, we see this when Jesus was on the cross. Psalm 22:11,12 There are lion like angels. Ezekiel 1:10 Lions are used to represent victory and royalty. Genesis 49:9 Evil spirits want to be victorious over you. We can become victims of the lions of life if we don't listen to God. 1 Kings 20:36 Evil

Battling The Bulls Of Bashan

Psalm 22:12 Bulls are powerful, big, cow like creatures known for their ruggedness and aggression. Bulls can be fearless and are well known for their quick temper. Bulls are stronger than the normal man. When a bull and a normal human being collide the human being is the one who dies. The bulls of Bashan represent enemies or problems that are beyond us, they are the enemies or problems we cannot fix by our own power. They are enemies or challenges stronger than we are. The bulls of Bashan are challenges meant to destroy us, they are problems meant to take us out. They are challenges which the enemy and his agents have programmed into our lives with the intention of the problems defeating us. They are problems empowered or fed by the enemy. Bashan was an enemy nation headed by an evil king called Og. Og and the whole army of Bashan tried to fight the nation of Israel but God gave Israel  victory over Og and the army of Bashan. Og was struck down, his sons and his army was

Shake Off The Serpent

Acts 28:1-5 The serpent or snake is symbolic of the devil in most parts of the scripture. In the garden of Eden Satan appeared as a serpent to talk to and deceive Eve the wife of Adam. Genesis 3:1-6 The outcome of that conversation and deception is all around us today. Romans 5:17-19 The Bible is clear about it, Satan the old serpent  is not to be tolerated. Everywhere we see the devil mentioned by Jesus or in relation to Jesus Christ he is either being castaway, rebuked, fought, rejected or trampled upon. We are to do the same. To tolerate Satan is to accept an enemy. To accept your archenemy is to accept deception, destruction, darkness and defeat. We see an example of what to do with the enemy when he comes against you, you are to shake him off! This is what Apostle Paul did. Acts 28:5 To shake off the enemy is to resist him. James 4:7 To shake off the enemy is overcoming him. Revelation 12:11 To shake off the enemy means you've defeated him. Satan can be and

Deal With The Little Foxes

Song Of Solomon 2:15 Foxes are cunning, shy, fast moving creatures that have some resemblance to dogs. Foxes are known for their speed and agile nature. They are also known to cause damage and may spread certain diseases. They can cause a lot of loss to farmers and poultry businesses. Though they can cause unwanted disturbances they are not often viewed as big threats. The little foxes that spoil the vine in our lives are the seemingly little things in our lives causing loss, pain, setback and defeat. They may be bad habits, wrong thinking, wrong mental programming and ways of life opposed to God's best for our lives. The little foxes in our life can also be people who are against us and against God's divine agenda for our lives. Isaiah 54:15 Jesus called king Herod a fox. Luke 13:31,32 When foxes are left unchecked they can cause a lot of loss or damage. Foxes can steal. They steal from farmers, kill their livestock and negatively affect the farmers profit. T

Don't Cheat Yourself

Joshua 24:15 When we think about being cheated we don't often think about ourselves being the one to cheat ourself. We readily think about the devil who is the chief cheat. We also think about others cheating us without looking inwards. It is possible to cheat yourself. The devil and other human beings are not the only ones who cheat people. You can also cheat yourself. Your choices will determine whether you're cheating yourself or not. How can you cheat yourself ? When you do not accept what God has provided for you. Luke 19:41-44 When you do not know who you are. Luke 9:55 When you do not discern what God has given you. Genesis 21:19 When you operate or live in fear. 1 John 4:18 When you do not plug into God's grace regularly. Romans 6:14 When you withhold kindness or benevolence from the poor. Proverbs 19:17 To cheat yourself is a great tragedy of life. It's better someone else cheats you than you cheating yourself. Daily, there are

Pray & Prophesy

Every son and daughter of God can pray and prophesy. Many Christians know about prayer and emphasize prayer but very few have been taught how to prophesy. Ezekiel 37:9 Prayer is powerful, prophesying is also powerful. Ezekiel 37:1-10 James 5:16 Prayer is communicating with the creator, prophesying is instructing or commanding what God has created according to God's Word. Prophesying is speaking God's divine message to a creation of God. Prayer puts us in the posture of a child receiving from his parent, while prophesying is an adult command from a son or daughter of God for a manifestation to occur. Every child of God should pray and prophesy. You pray to God but you prophesy to creation. We don't prophesy to God but God can prophesy to us. Knowing what to prophesy to comes by God's direction. Ezekiel 37:9 You can speak God's command to the wind, the seas, your mind, your body, your career, and your finances. You can prophesy to anything at God'

Out Of The Wilderness!

Matthew 4: 1-24 The wilderness is not a pleasant place to be. The wilderness is a place of discomfort, hardship and lack of resources. A wilderness is a tough and difficult environment that's synonymous with the desert. A wilderness experience is a desert like experience. On life's journey there can be desert like seasons and experiences. Such experiences can be times of suffering, such seasons can be unpleasant. The good news to us today is that suffering has an end. Suffering is not meant to last forever. 1 Peter 5:10 Your wilderness experience is a season of darkness in your life. The good news to you for today is that light can shine out of your darkness! Genesis 1:2-3 The wilderness season is a season of warfare in your life. It's a season when people 'fight' to survive or succeed. The good news is that you will win the battles and war of life if you stay connected to Jesus Christ. You don't have to wither, sink or become a casualty in the

Prayer, Faith & Authority

James 5:16 God gives authority to those He has called to certain spiritual offices. There's also an authority He has given to everyone who is in the Lord. Ephesians 1:18-23 Authority and faith are connected. Your authority works by knowledge and faith. You need knowledge to know you've been given authority. You need faith to use and make your authority work. Mark 11:23 Your authority reflects in your prayer. Your authority also shows in answer to your prayer. Prayer generates power. Prayer supplies the power that makes your authority potent. Prayer, faith and authority are connected. Your authority makes you confident to use your faith. The manifestation of your faith shows your authority, and the combination of your authority and faith reflects on the way you pray. Your faith and your authority makes your prayer potent while your prayer generates spiritual power which shows you have authority since there is no authority without power! Authority is delegate

Use Your Authority

Luke 10:19 Every child of God has God given, God delegated power that is meant to be used. This God delegated power is what we call authority. Authority and power are connected. Power is the force or energy that makes things happen. Power creates an impact. Authority is the right to use that power. Authority gives confidence. Jesus operated in kingdom power when He was here on earth. Luke 5:17 Jesus had power and He confidently used it because He has the authority to do so. He taught the word of God with authority because He knew He was teaching what the Father tells Him. Matthew 7:28,29 Jesus knew He had the authority to use the power He has. John 5:21 John 17:2 If you are saved and in Christ, you have the authority to use God's power in you. Mark 16:17,18 You have the authority to use God's faith in you. You have the authority to confess God's Word and expect results. You have the authority to declare a thing and see it manifest according to God

What Do You See?

Seeing the right thing will make right things happen to us. Our sight matters. The ability to see spiritually is a great asset. To have more we have to see more. What we see is what we get. Gideon saw an angel of God and his greatness started. Judges 6:11,12 Moses saw the burning bush and his life was transformed by a new assignment. Exodus 3:1-4 Elisha saw God's move take away Elijah and he received the "hard thing" he requested from his master. 2 Kings 2:10,11 Jeremiah saw the branch of an almond tree in a revelation and his prophetic ministry started. Jeremiah 1:11 David the king saw an angel with a sword and a solution came for the plague upon his nation. 1 Chronicles 21:17 How you see God will determine how you reverence Him, love Him and worship Him. How you see yourself will determine your actions and your 'performance' in life. Jeremiah 1:17 Only God can help you see who you really are. Jeremiah 1:18,19 When you start seeing yourself

Your Prayer & Your Childlike Faith

Luke 18:16 Jesus was clear about it that the kingdom of God is for those who are like little children. We also see from the scriptures that we (believers) are God's little flock who God has the pleasure of giving the kingdom. The term "little flock" in scripture refers to us as little children, who are dear, and tender to God. Luke 12:32 There is something about little children we need to understand - they believe whatever their parents tell them! Little children are quick to believe, and they have faith in what people tell them especially their parents or guardians. That's how God wants us to relate with Him, as little children not adults or tough men and women. God wants us to have child like faith. He wants us to have faith in Him, in what He tells us, in His abilities and His promises. Mark 11:22-24 Faith is very important. If we want God to accept whatever we do, we must do it in faith. Faith is what pleases God. So if our prayers, which are als

The Breath Of God.

Genesis 2:7 When God breathes into a thing, life comes into that thing. Ezekiel 37:4 The breath of God will bring fresh life into your body, soul, spirit, finances, marriage and every area of your life. With the breath of God comes inspiration, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. The word breath in Genesis 2:7 is from the Hebrew word ruah which means breath or spirit . When God breathed into Adam, life entered Adam. When God breathed into Adam, God's Spirit entered Adam. The breath of God is the Spirit of God If there's any area of our lives where things have been stagnant, difficult, malfunctioning or experiencing death, what we need is to ask God to breath into such areas. 2 Corinthians 3:6 God's Spirit is a life giving spirit. When God breathes into a ministry there will be order, growth and beauty in that ministry. When God breathes into a business there will be productivity, fruitfulness, and profit in that business. When God breathes upon a mind,

Prayer & Spiritual Sight

2 Kings 2:10 Elisha, like many of us wanted something God alone can make happen for him. He wanted something that was hard to achieve but not impossible. That it's hard does not make it impossible. The things you want from God may be impossible for man to do for you, it may seem impossible considering your circumstance or situation but it does not mean it's not achievable with God. When God's Spirit is moving, when God's Spirit is at work, all things are possible. Genesis 1:2 John 3:8 The things we want from God are not impossible for us to have, the issue lyes more in the fact that we can't see ourselves having what we want from God. Spiritual blindness is a great disadvantage. Matthew 15:14 What you see matters. It is God's will that we have spiritual sight. Genesis 13:15 It is God's will that the eyes of our understanding is open. Ephesians 1:18 What Elisha wanted from God was not impossible. Though it was a hard thing he asked, if he

Kingdom Sight

Genesis 13:15 Kingdom sight is heaven's view on a matter. It is seeing things as heaven sees it. People of heavenly citizenship are God's people. A citizen of heaven is a kingdom person. Philippians 3:20 A kingdom person is a person of faith. Faith has eyes. It has spiritual eyes. God wants you to see. It is not God's will for you to journey through life without 'eyes'. Your imagination should act as the eyes of your faith. Genesis 11:6 Your understanding is the eyes of your heart. Ephesians 1:18 Jesus Christ is the light of the world and those who follow Him do not stumble through life. John 8:12 Jesus Christ makes provision for you to have 'internal' light. The light that He is helps us to 'see', He lights us up on the inside. A kingdom person should not be spiritually blind. We are the ones who have the light of life. John 1:4 Abraham is the earthly father of faith. He has the distinction of being the 'father' of a

Your Prayer & Your Intercessor

Ephesians 6:18 The scripture has a lot to say about praying for one another - intercession. Our personal prayers and the intercession we receive go together and work for our good. Philippians 1:19 Receiving prayers is as important as the prayers we pray for ourselves. No one is too anointed for intercession from others. That you're anointed is more of the reason you need as much prayer as you can get. The anointing attracts enemies, envy and jealousy. When the Philistines heard that David of Judah has been anointed to become king of Israel too they came to fight him. The anointing upon your life can attract fights you are not expecting. For this reason you need prayer. Nobody succeeds alone. You need a prayer partner. You need the prayer of the brethren. Deuteronomy 32:30 When there is sufficient prayer and agreement, great things happen and exploits take place. Matthew 18:19,20 The reason many people don't take advantage of the intercession available to the

Take Those Steps!

Acts 3:1-8 Faith is an action, it will make you take steps. This is not the season to delay what you know you should be doing. This is not the time to procrastinate. This is not the time to turn back from the right path. This is the time to be courageous. This is the time and season for action. Be courageous before it is too late. Deuteronomy 31:6 You won't always have the time or opportunity to be brave. Opportunities are not always there forever. You won't always have the time and strength to do what you can do now. There was a season in David's life when he was a strong, vibrant warrior leading the king's army and there was another season when he was an old king who couldn't fight anymore but was waiting peacefully for death. David would not have been the man whose writings are blessing generations and the shepherd boy whose fighting exploits brought him to prominence if he wasn't willing to take steps. 1 Samuel 17:32 To obey God will requi

Life And Boxing

 I like boxing, especially heavy weight boxing. When I came across the picture above I liked it immediately and felt it is right for this article because the quote is just apt for this topic I thought to write on. Life is like boxing in many ways, more so when you consider what life is about from a philosophical and spiritual perspective. In life, you don't automatically get what you deserve. You get what you fight for. Life gives to you what you negotiate for. In life you negotiate by 'fighting' for what you want. Boxing is a fight, it is a fight of two contenders who are contesting for the same glory, the same honor, the same position, the same belt! The aim of each boxer is to emerge victorious, to out box, out shine, or be preferred over his opponent. In life we go for job interviews. When we go for job interviews our aim is to be victorious at the interview, to outshine, do better or hopefully be preferred or favored over other candidates who want the s

Kingdom Greatness

Psalm 147:5-7 God is a great God. Greatness is one of the attributes of God. God's works are great. God's faithfulness is great. God's power is great. God's name is great. God's kingdom is great. God's resources are great and inexhaustible. 1 Chronicles 29:12 As a person connected to God, as a son/daughter of God you are great to. It is God's will that you manifest greatness. It's God's will that our lives follow the great plan God has for us. Jeremiah 29:11 There are great insights and secrets God has to share with you. Jeremiah 33:3 God's view of a great life is often different from man's idea of what a great life is. While people often view those they consider great by things like the persons social standing, career success, huge bank balances and material acquisition. God views the greatness of an individual by the individuals obedience , calling , purpose , and endurance . John the Baptist is a classic example of thi

Prayer & Your Needed Change

Psalm 126:1-3 When life is a continuous cycle of the same kind of result, you need a change. When you look into the scriptures and your life doesn't reflect the promises within it you need a change. When your life has been following a pattern you don't like, you need a change. God is beautiful for all situations Psalm 48:1,2 With and through prayer God can come into the situation of our lives. God can give us the needed change we need and seek if we pray. Prayer can help bring about the needed change you seek if you pray, this is because God is a God who answers prayer. God answered the prayer of king Asa - 2 Chronicles 14:11,12 God answered the prayer of king David - Psalm 118:21 God answered the request of king Solomon - 1 Kings 3:5-15 God answered Hannah - 1 Samuel 2:1-5 The God who answered all these people is still on the throne. Psalm 47:8 The God who heard these people can hear you. The God who heard these characters is alive and well. He reigns in the

God's Kingdom Dream

When Jesus was on earth, His teaching ministry was very much about painting mental pictures in people's minds about the kingdom of God. Matthew 13:31-34 God's dream is that a kingdom minded people will walk the earth before the return of Jesus Christ. They will be people walking in His blessing, power and authority. They will walk in the glory of the kingdom andthe faith of God. Mark 11:22 This kingdom dream is so important to God the Father that He sent the two most important men who could deliver such a message - Jesus the Christ and John the Baptist to deliver it. Matthew 3:1,2 Matthew 9:35 It is very important today's Christians understand the kingdom of God. We must not loose focus of the message Jesus came with. It is the will of God that our lives manifest the kingdom of heaven on earth. Deuteronomy 11:21 This is why the kingdom is within us. Luke 17:21 It is within us so that we can manifest it. Jesus taught us it is what is within that we manifest

Your Prayer & Your Liberty

James 5:15 You have a right to live free. Your liberty is of utmost importance to make the most of the life God has given you. Your liberty is something Jesus paid a high price for. 1 John 3:8 God wants you free and you should be free. Everything keeping you bound in your life is illegal in your life if you are in Christ Jesus. Isaiah 10:27 Through prayers of faith we can tap into what Jesus Christ has done for us. Through prayers of faith we can receive and manifest the fullness of what Jesus Christ has done for us. If you feel bound in any area of your life, reach out to God for He made provision for your freedom. The enemy always seeks to keep people bound but it's everyone's responsibility to accept the freedom Christ offers. Matthew 11:29,30 We tap into that freedom through the prayer of faith. We can be free from sin and deception. We can be free from bad habits. We can be free from spiritual oppression. We can be free from financial torment. We can b

God Cares

Life has its tough moments. Life has its seasons of challenges, storms, and perhaps uncertain phases. Life is not a bed of roses as it's popularly said, and God knows this. When we go through the waters of difficulty and affliction God has promised to be there for us - His people. Isaiah 43:2 It is a great honor and privilege to face life with God's presence. God is with  His sons and daughters. God cares for His people. 1 Peter 5:7 Since God cares, He helps, supports and intervenes in the lives of His children. 1 Peter 5:10 Those who leave God out of their life's journey don't know what they are missing. Many have become casualties of life and spiritual battles because they have refused to journey through life with God. 1 Samuel 31:4,5 Life wasn't intended by the creator that man should journey through it without the creators (God) presence. Adam and Eve had God's presence, as well as everyone God has called. Since God cares, He has made His

Prayer & The End Time Deception

Satan is a master at working on people's minds. Satan is the great deceiver. Revelation 12:9 Satan is the master of all deceivers. He is the 'brain' behind false religions, evil cultures, misguiding philosophies, paranormal activities, the world system and anything that goes against God. He is the infuencer of false prophets, false teaching and deceptive ministries. Satan is the inspiration behind demonic prayers. Acts 23:12 Satan is the instructor of demons, the director of fallen angels and the master mind of evil. He is the one who blinds minds, holds peoples brain 'captive' and stops them from seeing seeing the truth. 2 Corinthians 4:4 Satan is the king of hypocrisy. Satan is the 'power' behind counterfeit Christianity. He is the presence behind the hybrid religion created to appeal to both the Christians and the Pagans. Satan is the king of religious sorcery and idolatry of this world.. Satan is the father of the end time deception tha