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Fight The Fear

1 Timothy 6:12 Fear is not a friend of your destiny, neither is it a helper of your life. 2 Timothy 1:7 Faith aids your life and is a great supporter of your destiny. Faith strengthens you while fear weakens you. James 5:15 Faith empowers. Fear reduces. On earth, in this journey of life it is necessary to fight fear. Fear will come. Fear will try to stop you, limit you, and break you. Fear can make you loose favor with God. Matthew 25:24-29 We are in times when the world is fearful. People are fearful of diseases, sickness, viruses and harmful bacteria. In times like this it is important to remind ourselves that fear is not of God, neither is it God's will for our lives. The purpose of fear is to keep you out of faith. You can't be in faith and fear at the same time. A purpose of fear is to produce or manifest the wrong outcomes in our life. Fear works like faith. Faith will surely produce what it is we are in faith for. Faith leads to a tangible subst

The Spirit & The Mind Of Christ

Luke 3:21,22 It is the will of God that we operate in His Spirit and in His mind. Philippians 2:5 To operate in the Spirit of God is to be baptized in God's Spirit. To operate in the Spirit of God is to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. 1 John 2:27 To operate in the Spirit of God is to obey the Holy Spirit. The mind of Christ is the mind that was at work in Jesus Christ when He walked this earth. 1 Corinthians 2:16 We cannot and do not act differently to the state of our mind. If you want to know the kind of mind a person has just take a look at the person's behavior and actions. From the study of Jesus from the scriptures we see an insight into the kind of mind that was at work in Him. The mind of Christ is a mind filled with faith, it's a mind that sees possibilities, and has heaven's perspective on issues. John 5:19 The Bible mentions specifically about the mind that was at work in Jesus Christ. Philippians 2:5-8 It is a mind that is humbl

When Mercy Rises!

Mark 10:46-52 Blind Bartimaeus is a scriptural and real life example of a man who mercy rose up for. Through a cry for mercy he received his sight. Jesus Christ is the mercy of God personified. The coming of Jesus to the earth is the highest mercy of God to mankind. It is sad when people don't take advantage of these times of grace we are in by accepting Jesus Christ and His message. When you accept Jesus Christ into your heart, the morning star rises in your heart. Jesus Christ is the morning star, He is the magnificent star that shines during the day and at night! David the shepherd boy enjoyed God's mercy. It is mercy that turned a shepherd boy into a king by the anointing. David knew God's mercy. Psalm 23:6 From David's life we see what mercy does : When mercy rises for you and within you, the kingdom of God comes alive to you (for David, the kingdom came alive to him by God making him king instead of Saul. God gave David the kingdom!) When mercy r