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Order: A kingdom requirement

1 Corinthians 14:40 God is a God of order. When we are orderly, we are being God-like since order is one of the many attributes of God. God wants His people, people of His kingdom to live lives that are decent and orderly. Order is the arrangement of people or things according to a particular pattern, method, or sequence. The heavens are glorious because they display the order of God. Psalm 19:1 Order brings about beauty and glory! The order of God is seen in his creation. The beauty and orderliness of the creator is seen in nature. Romans 1:20 God wants to bring His order into every aspect of our lives, as much as He wants to order our lives. It is God's will that our lives align with it's heavenly pattern. Matthew 6:10 Creation shows God's order. The account of creation also shows us the orderly way God brought forth creation, calling forth into existence from one day to another. Daily, God created. Then He rests on the 7th day. There is order in t