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Defeating Ahithophel

1 Samuel 17:1-14 There was a man named Ahithophel. Ahithophel according to the Bible was a great and gifted man. He was part of the great King David's inner circle and a personal advisor to the King. Psalm 41:9 Psalm 55: 12-14 2 Samuel 15:12 Ahithophel was the kind of man any King would be privileged to have on his side. Ahithophel was a great man because he had a great gift. 2 Samuel 16:23 Ahithophel had the gift of counsel. Ahithophel had developed his gift so well, the Bible records that when he gave counsel, it was like God Himself telling you what to do. Ahithophel was so accurate with his gift and David and Absalom consulted him. Ahithophel was also the grandfather of Bathseba, the woman David committed adultery with. 2 Samuel 23:34, 2 Samuel 11:3 Since David killed his grand daughter's husband and took his grand daughter, Ahithophel turned against David. Ahithophel decided to use his God given ability against David, he was close to destroying David but


Philippians 3:14 1 Corinthians 9:24 Every child of God should win in life because they have the faith of Jesus and Jesus faith is speaking faith. What you say matters. Romans 10:10 A winner is someone who has engaged in a game, a race or a battle and has emerged victorious or on top. Life is a race we should win. Each day God has given to us is another opportunity to win in life, each day is another opportunity to get it right. Ephesians 5:15-17 Each day we live is another chance to cultivate habits, attitudes and lifestyles that move us in the direction of our God given dreams and God given purposes. To talk is to open your mouth and say something. Luke 21:15 To talk is to use your vocal cords, your tongue and your lips to form words so as to communicate. Psalm 81:10 There is a correlation  between winning in life and what we say/how we talk. That's why we make confessions in this church! God wants you to win. I dare say, you are born to win! You started winning fr


1 Chronicles 4:9,10 Matthew 15:28 Prayer is a lifestyle and habit every christian should have and cultivate. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Every child of God is expected to develop a lifestyle of prayer, constantly communing with God. Philippians 4:6-7 For the child of God, prayer is one of the major ways we win in life. Mark 11:24 Prayer is also one of the major ways we stay connected to God. John 15:5-8 The power to glorify God, the power to win is found in the place of prayer, because prayer helps us access God's presence. Psalm 145:18 We should pray about everything, and anything. Prayer is not only for the tough times, its for both the tough times and the good times. Romans 12:12 Our prayer lives should not be limited to a place or church. Ours should be a continuous lifestyle of prayer, irrespective of where we are. John 4:20,21-24 Wonders happen when we pray, and prayer is a wonderful thing because of the privilege of pleasing God through prayer. Revelations 8:4 Ou


Text  : Isaiah 59:1, 2 To tie the hands of God is to  put God in a position where He won't help you. God is all powerful and God can do anything. God's hands can reach us in any situation and circumstance we find ourselves to deliver us. Psalm 89:13 The good news to us is that God wants to touch you and help you with His hands. Psalm 16:11 The hands are symbolic of our work. Eg. when we say the hands of a person are blessed. We are saying his work, his job, whatever he does is good or successful. The work of our hands refers to our productivity. The hands of God are symbolic of the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit is the Father touching us. The Holy Spirit is a dimension and part of God that does the will and Word of the Father. When the Holy Spirit is upon a person, God's hands are upon that person. 1 Kings 18:46 The Holy Spirit is the tangible agent through which God works. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit with physical impact and force. Genesis 1:1 If the


Exodus 35:31-32 Job 32:8 "Ideas rule the world" - Anonymous Every product on earth was once someone's idea. Dreams, visions and ideas are the 'language' of the Holy Spirit. Genesis 15:1, Judges 7:13-15, Genesis 30:25-43 and Genesis 31 When God wants to promote an individual, ideas are one of the ways He does so. Kingdom ideas are thoughts, goals, strategies or plans from God which He drops in our hearts/spirit to better our lives and advance His purposes. The Spirit of God is a creative spirit and ideas are an aspect of creativity. We see the Spirit of God working creatively with God's Word when creation was taking place. Our God is creative, it's the first thing we see about God in the scriptures. The Bible starts by telling us God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1 We also see that nature, God's works are manifold. Even His wisdom is manifold. Manifold refers to diversity and creativity. God's people should live creative

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To understand God is to understand ourselves and other people. God is a God of wonder, awe, beauty, light, ability, capability, strength, power, creativity, love and order. There are many sides and attributes to God but the most important side of God which is God's being and nature is LOVE. 1 John 4:8 God does all He does out of love. He looks at each of us through the lens and eyes of love. God is a God of diversity. We see His diversity in His works of creation. There are different breeds of dogs, different types of cats, birds, fish, insects and plants. All in their various colors, sizes and varieties. Genesis 1:8-27 Human beings are of different complexion, height, genetic make up, gifts and talents. We are from different cultures, we have different traditions, different families and upbringing, yet in love, God created us all. Some people are created introverts by God, some are created extroverts but irrespective of your personality type God works with anyone He c