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Into the New Year Services

2014 was a good year for us as a ministry. 2015 will be better, the prophecy has gone forth and God is faithful. Our 'into the new year' services lived up to expectation to the glory of God! Our watch night service into 2015 was a success, and our christmas eve service as equally a success! God's Work is motiving on. You can be part of what we are doing here through any of the following: 1) Praying regularly for the ministry. 2) Praying often for the Pastor and his family 3) Supporting financially as the Lord leads you. 4) Joining partners in ministry (P.I.M) a partnership group set up to support the work of the Lord in our church 5) Joining the church as a regular member (this has innumerable benefits, and your spiritual growth is sure) 6) Joining a department in our church- as a new and growing ministry, we have a number of departments you can join,get intouch to know. 2015- LIGHT & PROGRESS
The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly Ministries is seven months old now. We thank God for 'growth'. Particularly 'unseen growth' ? Yes unseen growth! We have grown in ways that's not visbile to the carnal eye. It's our belief that spiritual growth should preceed numerical growth, and this is what the Lord is doing with us. In the last 7 months we have grown spiritually- in inspiration, in motivation, in clarity, in God's Word, in fellowship and in the place of prayer. Some beautiful testimonies have occured as a result and we trust God that He has sent more our way. Social media is also an avenue through which the ministry is growing. We are a ministry that has done its best possible to align itself with the technological advantages of our times! We are on youtube, facebook, twitter, kalah social, and on the web- From our church website you can navigate to all our available online platforms by clicking on the