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Understanding Divine Timing

1 Chronicles 12:32 God sees things differently from how men see things. 1 Samuel 16:7 Since God sees what we do not see, hears what we do not hear, and thinks differently than we do, He does things differently than we do. Isaiah 55:9 Since God does things differently than man does, He has a different timing to what people operate with. God is not limited to our 'chronos' chronolgical time. Acts 1:7 It is worth understanding divine timing. It is also possible to know God's time for a matter or have an idea of God's timing on an issue. The wise men knew the time the Savior was born. They understood divine timing. They were skilled in the ancient science of astronomy and they knew what the heaven was saying and could tell that an unusual star signified the birth of the Savior. This star guided them for two years to where Jesus was with his Earthly parents. Matthew 2:2 Matthew 2:9 Jesus knew God's time to do what needed to be done when He was here on Ear

Prayer & God's Wonders

Isaiah 9:6 Wonderful is one of the names of Jesus Christ. True to His name Jesus was a wonder on Earth. Mark 1:22 Wonderful means full of wonders. Jesus Christ is the legitimate authority who performs God glorifying wonders. Matthew 7:29 The Word is wonderful. Psalm 119:18 We are supposed to pray with God's Word and in line with God's Word. When we pray that way we are praying prayers full of wonders. We can tap into God's wonders through prayer. Jesus prayed wonderful prayers when He was here on Earth. He had results for the prayers He prayed, that's the same way we should have results when we pray in His name. John 16:24 The disciples of Jesus Christ saw the wonders the prayers of Jesus Christ generated and they were so impressed they asked Jesus to teach them to pray as John the disciples taught his own disciples. Prayer is taught. Luke 11:1 We should have open wonders of God's goodness in our lives. Jesus expects us to have results when we

Favor: A Kingdom Benefit

Psalm 8 shows us 'man' is God's favored creation. Favor is a benefit for those in God's Kingdom. Favor is a kingdom benefit of God's sons and daughters. Favor is one of the ways God brings about His purpose and plan in the life of His people here on Earth. We see from the scriptures that everyone who was a significant character for God's cause enjoyed favor. Eg. Daniel, Moses, Joseph, Esther, Gideon, and Jesus were favored to fulfill God's plan There is nothing ordinary about favor. Favor takes an individual from darkness to light. Favor has taken an individual from the prison to the palace before. Genesis 41:1-57 Favor made an individual who was a captive in a foreign and godless land rise to the top and serve under 4 kings who ruled that land. Daniel 2: 46-49 Favor was a part of the ministry and life of Jesus Christ. Jesus had favor with God and man. Luke 2:52 Favor releases God given opportunities and brings promotion to those God gives i

Prayer & The Beauty Of The Kingdom

Luke 16:16 God's kingdom is real, it is not a myth. God reigns forever and ever, God is a King so His kingdom is everlasting. Exodus 15:18 God's kingdom is not a product of man's imagination or fantasy. God's kingdom is not something Jesus made up because He had nothing to teach about. God's kingdom is where Jesus was operating from when He was here on Earth. John 3:12,13 It is a kingdom Jesus is King of and it's a realm He has experienced, seen, and known that's why He was qualified to talk and teach about it. Colossians 1:13 We live in a physical World. The Kingdom is not fully manifest in the World yet. It's a kingdom that's here now and we tap into what is ours in the kingdom through prayer. We press into this kingdom within us through prayer. The riches of God in glory is the kingdom of God's riches where the answer to our needs and requests in prayer come from. Philippians 4:19 Our prayers become effective when we connect

Kingdom, Power & Glory.

Matthew 6:13 (KJV) You are a creation of the glorious God. You are a glorious creation of God. Psalm 8 shows us how glorious man (humanity) is and how valuable we are to our creator. Everything God has created has it's own glory. There is greatness in all the works of God, and you are God's work. Psalm 92:5 You are a great person. You don't have to envy anyone or be jealous, you have your own glory given to you by God and it's your responsibility to make sure the enemy doesn't blind your eyes to it. We must not be like the brothers of Joseph. Joseph's brothers missed out on something pertinent in Joseph's dream - that they have glorious destinies themselves, that they are stars to! Genesis 37:9 They didn't realize they are stars because they were busy envying Joseph's favour, and in the process they were blinded to that important fact. If you are in Christ you are from God's kingdom. You're a prince or princess of God. Go

Reversing Unjust Situations.

Job 5:12 1 Corinthians 1:19 God is able to reverse unjust situations we find ourselves in. God is able to reverse everything the enemy has done to us. The enemy uses human agents, people, to try and harm us, to try and put us in unjust situations. God is able to frustrate the plans of the wicked to protect and preserve His own people and fulfill His plan. Unjust situations are situations that are not fair. Unjust situations are situations that are not in line with God's Word and promises for you. Unjust situations are situations that have come about in a life by the enemy when the individual was 'asleep'. Matthew 13:25 A season of being asleep could be a season of: a) Ignorance. Ephesians 4:18 b) Darkness. Luke 22:53 c) A time when the affected individual was not saved and the enemy came in. d) laziness, idleness or not engaging in warfare when you should have. Unjust situations can come about because the enemy is fighting back. Matthew 16:18 We can r


Pastor 'Tosin  and  The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly  invites you to this beautiful service God has inspired themed WEALTH TRANSFER AT THE CROSS. Make it a date with us, it will be a phenomenal 3 hours of prayer, declarations, Worship, and direct ministration that is sure to bless you and impact you and yours positively. Prophet Mark and Charlotte Yow , all the way from North Carolina, U.S.A will be around to minister. Mariette Davina  will be coming around from Bristol UK to lead us in worship Venue : THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST ASSEMBLY Ascot Community Centre Hermit Road (Opposite The Hub) Canningtown, London E16 4PL Date : 15th October 2017 Time : 4:30pm to 7:30pm God bless you as you come with friends an family!

Kingdom Health

3 John 2 You should be healthy if you are in Christ Jesus. Divine health is your entitlement. A huge price has been paid for your health. Isaiah 53:5 Your health should not depend on doctors and the view or opinion of people. You should be healthy because the Holy Spirit is now in you. 1 Corinthians 6:19 You should be healthy because the Kingdom of God is now in you. Luke 17:21 You should be healthy because you now have a different kind of life within you, different from the life within the everyday person. John 3:16 You should be healthy because there are more than enough promises on health for you to claim in the scriptures. 2 Peter 1:4 Kingdom health is divine health. Kingdom health is the health eternal life supplies. Kingdom health is heaven's health. Kingdom health is health heaven supplies to the human body. Kingdom health is health the Holy Spirit supplies by quickening our mortal bodies. Romans 8:11 Kingdom health is God's desire and wish for you