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For the body of Christ Part of the call of the hour is for the saints of God to return to a thorough  knowledge of God’s Word!  We can't take one or two passages/verses from the Bible  anymore and build a doctrine or church out of it. Our spirit man has to be well nourished in an understanding of God's Word. This is part of the reason we have many imbalanced Christians in the body of Christ of  Christ who are misrepresenting their Savior.  Jesus could represent the Father well on  earth because   He was the Word, He knew the Word, He was balanced!  Many believers  today do not know the mind of God because they don't know the Word.  It is not enough to be trained to pray continuously, we have to be filled with His Word so that we don't pray amiss. At the Light of Jesus Christ Assembly, we are blowing a trumpet in Zion, a call to the  saints of God to get back to a thorough knowledge of God’s Word on every subject  that matters to their life. It's when

Partnership and Honour.

Giving honor to whom honor is due As a church ministry we believe in giving honor to whom honor is due.  This is what the Bible tells us. Romans 13:7 One of the ways we do this is by supporting certain ministries we believe in, ministries who have a track record of service to God, to humanity and are truly doing the work of an evangelist. Partnership We have partnered with these ministries so that they can continue to do what God has called them to do. And we will continue to do so until God tells us otherwise.  In partnering with these blessed ministries, we are blessed in return as a church body. As we partner with them, we trust God that God will raise partners who will partner with us to, to support God’s work going on here. It works as a cycle of blessing! Partnership is a way of getting God’s work done.  It is scriptural.  Our Lord Jesus had 12 disciples who ‘partnered’ with Him as well as certain women who supported, even with the treasury of His ministry

Our Logo

Our Church Logo is being designed. The picture above is a sketch of what the church logo will look like, this is not the finished work, lol! but we are excited to show it to you now because it will soon become a part of our history.  In the near future it will be a joy to ponder on the early days, that's why a sketch like the one above will be invaluable. The drawing above is what our teacher and l, Olutosin put together very quickly after receiving inspiration from God about what the church logo should look like. The cross will be golden colored and the three burning flames will be red, blue and orange colors. Each flame will be distinct. The three flames are representative.  What a beautiful church logo it will be when the completed work is done! What our ministry Logo represents: 1)   The cross of Jesus Christ with three burning flames on top of it 2)   The three burning flames represent the ability of God to manifest as three distinct personalities, fir

Our Social Media Platforms.

Here @ The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly, we believe social media is part of today's 'language', we believe in using the technologies available to us and every available platform the Lord provides to share the message of Jesus Christ. We are teaching His Word and spreading His light through the following Platforms: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: YOU TUBE: (the light of Jesus Christ Assembly) WE ARE ON PERISCOPE, AND HAVE OUR WEBSITE TOO!

Published works @ The light of Jesus Christ Assembly.

I believe the Bible is a compendium of different topics.  God's wisdom book to us (the Bible) has  about every subject under heaven in it. Within the Bible there are topics such as marriage, health, nutrition, miracles, finances, power, politics, law and commerce. You will also find motivation in the Bible and  inspiration. Motivational books as we know it is called self help. Life coach and teacher @ The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly, PASTOR Olutosin Ogunkolade has written a compelling work as inspired by the Lord which fits into the self help genre of books, it is titled 'THE DREAMERS JOURNEY TO THE DREAM'. Here, at the Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly we believe in using published works to teach God's Word and Spread God's Light. You can get a copy of the Dreamers Journey To The Dream at The Dreamers Journey To The Dream is     a small volume that inspires and motivates towards achieving your dream whatever that dream may be. I t is a

The nation of Israel @ The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly

The Nation Of Israel Dear Friends, As followers of Jesus Christ we have a responsibility to pray for the nation of Israel, in other words we should be spiritual allies to that nation. The Bible encourages us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem Psalms 122:6 We have a responsibility to the Jews, and when we carry out our spiritual responsibility to Israel, the Lord promises us a blessing. A blessing of prosperity and security. the Jew first and also to the Greek (Romans 1:16) The Jews are part of God’s priority. At the Light of Jesus Christ Assembly, we have made it a responsibility to pray for the nation of Israel during our prayer time. We not only pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we support outreaches to the nation of Israel and Jews worldwide. We do this through organisations/bodies that are positioned to do so. Jewish Voices by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, Christians United For Israel by Pastor John Hagee and the International Fellowship of Christians and

Wisdom @ The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly

THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST ASSEMBLY Teaching His Word, Spreading His Light! Dear Friend, The Bible says ‘wisdom is the principal thing, and with all our getting we should get understanding’ (Proverbs 4:7) I believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word to us and if God feels we need to get wisdom and understanding, then wisdom and understanding are subjects we have to look into deeply.  We need an understanding of what God’s wisdom is and what understanding is.  We need to know how understanding benefits us as people. The Word ‘principal’ means first or highest in rank, importance, value. It means chief or foremost.  That’s what it means in the Bible passage quoted above. Wisdom is very pertinent. At the Light of Jesus Christ Assembly, we hold unto the wisdom of God and teach it as one of our eight core beliefs. Would you like to know more? Contact:  Olutosin Ogunkolade  {Teacher-Pastor}


THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST ASSEMBLY Teaching His Word, Spreading His Light OUR CORE BELIEFS:   THERE IS ONE GOD We believe there is one God.  He has all power and might and dwells in light!  We accept the concept of the trinity as God’s ability to manifest as three distinct individuals who can operate separately.   THE BIBLE IS GOD’S INSPIRED WORD We believe and accept the Bible to be God’s inspired Word, written by men who were moved by God’s Holy Spirit to document God’s thoughts.       THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY We acknowledge the various offices that God calls men into in the body of Christ. Some are called to be Apostles, Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists and teachers. Ours is predominantly a teaching ministry. LOVE  It is our belief that love is the primary purpose of man and the very nature of God! We accept the responsibility of walking in love and understand love to be one of the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith. In our church we try