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The 20th of July 2014 is an important day for the Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly as a ministry and a family. We give God the Glory. A big thank you to all the guest speakers, Pastor Ologun of the Redeem Christian Church Of God, and Pastor Edward Sam of the Embassy Of The Blessed Kingdom Of God, friends and family who made the occasion a success! God be praised!

Our website Is here!

We are glad to announce to everyone that our website is here. Every major thing you want to know about our ministry and our minister is available for you to read on our website: Why not worship with us one of these days? Come in for times of refreshing! CONNECT WITH US, YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! Jesus is Lord!

How beautiful!

" How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel"  Romans 10:15 Here at The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly, we are happy and consider it a privilege to bring God's Word to you! Send us an e-mail: Connect with us, you will be glad you did. Drop us a word of encouragement, contact us for counselling and advise, and feel free to email your prayer requests. We are here to serve you!

When His Word goes forth!

When God's Word goes forth from an anointed vessel, power is released to do what God intends. We know this because God's Word says so, Psalms 107: 20 says "He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destruction" God sends His Word to people, situations and circumstances. He does this because He loves us 1 John 4:8 It is through people, through human beings that God gets His job done, His message spread and His Kingdom broadcast, that is why to minister to human beings, God had to take on the form of a man  John 1:14 When God raises an individual to do a job, that individual is empowered by God's Spirit to do what God wants Him to do, the individual becomes an empowered and sent one. Romans 10:14, 15 God is still in the business of raising men to work for Him on the earth. Romans 12:28,29 God's Word is available to help you today in your time of need There is a word for you, in the mouth of our minister! www.thelightofjes