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Enjoying Kingdom Protection

Revelation 5:5 God's Kingdom is His territory. God is a King. Psalm 47:7 A King is the head of a Kingdom, a territory. Isaiah 9:7 Kings are responsible for the welfare and protection of those in their territory. John 18:9 Jesus is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah. There is a lion nature in Jesus. So there are some characteristics and qualities that lions have that we can associate with God, with Jesus Christ! Jesus wants to protect you as the great Lion. Luke 17:1,2 1) Lions are strong: Jesus is strong! God is strong. God can use His strength to protect you. Proverbs 30:30 Judges 14:18 2) Lions are frightening : the anger of God chases the devil, his demons and agents away. Amos 3:8 God can protect you by frightening your enemies away. 3) Lions are destructive : God can destroy spirits and humans beings. He can use His destructive might to tear spirits and human beings apart. He can use his destructive might to protect you. 1 Samuel 17:34 4) Lions are

Prayers For Activation.

2 Corinthians 4:7 We are full of treasures. Within you is the Kingdom of God. Luke 17:21 Within you is the God head. John 14:23 Within you are the talents, gifts and abilities God has given you. You are loaded with God's goodness. You are loaded with potential, but you have to know it. To know it is to find it. Knowing what God has put in you is equal to finding it. It is possible for a person to live for 80, 90, 100 years or more on earth and never know what they carried within them. The Kingdom of God is valuable, it can be likened to a treasure or a valuable stone, so valuable that you should focus on it because it will make you rich and support you throughout your earthly journey. Matthew 13: 44,45,46 The Kingdom of God with all it's glory and potential is within you. But the Bible tells us it is hidden . Not everyone understand the Kingdom. Not everyone reaches the Kingdom within them. Not everyone sees the Kingdom within them. We have to journey within.


Ephesians 6:18 We can pray greater prayers than the prayers we have been praying. We can pray greater prayers than any prayer we have ever prayed. Everything about God is great! So when God prays through you by His Spirit such prayers are great prayers. Romans 8:26 To get greater answers from God we will have to pray greater prayers. Jeremiah 33:3 Speaking in tongues by God's Spirit is the greatest type of prayer. It is God's will that His offspring speak in tongues. Speaking in tongues is prayer that is done with the heavenly language. 1 Corinthians 13:1 Speaking in tongues is allowing God's Spirit to take over your vocal cords and utter the heavenly language through your mouth. Acts 2:1-6 God responds to prayers prayed in tongues. Acts 1:8 Speaking in tongues is a prayer of power because it is from the Holy Spirit! Why should you pray in tongues ? 1)You are praying in God's will. 2)You are speaking mysteries to God. 1 Corinthians 14:2 3)You get


John 10:9, Psalm 51:17 Every country, city, village, town, or building has an entrance point, a gate, a door. The airports of a city or nation are the 'doors' or entrance points to that city. Your passport and visa can be likened to the key that opens the door for you to enter that nation or city. It is the same thing with spiritual things. The Kingdom of God has an entrance point. The Kingdom of God also has a key to open the door for you to enter it. Every door has a key, a code, a forb, or a proximity card to open it. Jesus is the door to God's Kingdom. You can't get into God's Kingdom outside of Jesus. Colossians 1:13 The door to God's Kingdom also has a key or access code to it. The access code or key to God's Kingdom is repentance. Matthew 3:2 This is why John the Baptist came with a message of repentance. Jesus is the door, repentance is the key to the door. Matthew 4:17 There is no other door to God's Kingdom outside of Jesus C


Luke 17:20,21 1 John 4:4 Everything you need to make it in life has been given to you. 2 Peter 1:3 Everything you need to win in life is within you if you are in Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 3:16 Everything you need to make heaven has been done for you and is now within you if you are in Jesus Christ. John 14:20 It is within you that success begins not outside you because your soul is within you. 3 John 2 Your external circumstances are not what should determine your winning in life, what you have within you is what determines whether you make it or you fail. But we don't have any reason to fail. We have every reason to win. 1 Corinthians 9:24 How we use what is within us determines how far we go. It is our responsibility to find out what we have been given. Every child of God has been given some things. God expects you to work and trade with what He has given you. Job 29:4 The question to each of us this day is WHAT DO YOU HAVE? 1) YOU HAVE GR