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What Do You See?

Seeing the right thing will make right things happen to us. Our sight matters. The ability to see spiritually is a great asset. To have more we have to see more. What we see is what we get. Gideon saw an angel of God and his greatness started. Judges 6:11,12 Moses saw the burning bush and his life was transformed by a new assignment. Exodus 3:1-4 Elisha saw God's move take away Elijah and he received the "hard thing" he requested from his master. 2 Kings 2:10,11 Jeremiah saw the branch of an almond tree in a revelation and his prophetic ministry started. Jeremiah 1:11 David the king saw an angel with a sword and a solution came for the plague upon his nation. 1 Chronicles 21:17 How you see God will determine how you reverence Him, love Him and worship Him. How you see yourself will determine your actions and your 'performance' in life. Jeremiah 1:17 Only God can help you see who you really are. Jeremiah 1:18,19 When you start seeing yourself

Your Prayer & Your Childlike Faith

Luke 18:16 Jesus was clear about it that the kingdom of God is for those who are like little children. We also see from the scriptures that we (believers) are God's little flock who God has the pleasure of giving the kingdom. The term "little flock" in scripture refers to us as little children, who are dear, and tender to God. Luke 12:32 There is something about little children we need to understand - they believe whatever their parents tell them! Little children are quick to believe, and they have faith in what people tell them especially their parents or guardians. That's how God wants us to relate with Him, as little children not adults or tough men and women. God wants us to have child like faith. He wants us to have faith in Him, in what He tells us, in His abilities and His promises. Mark 11:22-24 Faith is very important. If we want God to accept whatever we do, we must do it in faith. Faith is what pleases God. So if our prayers, which are als

The Breath Of God.

Genesis 2:7 When God breathes into a thing, life comes into that thing. Ezekiel 37:4 The breath of God will bring fresh life into your body, soul, spirit, finances, marriage and every area of your life. With the breath of God comes inspiration, wisdom, understanding and knowledge. The word breath in Genesis 2:7 is from the Hebrew word ruah which means breath or spirit . When God breathed into Adam, life entered Adam. When God breathed into Adam, God's Spirit entered Adam. The breath of God is the Spirit of God If there's any area of our lives where things have been stagnant, difficult, malfunctioning or experiencing death, what we need is to ask God to breath into such areas. 2 Corinthians 3:6 God's Spirit is a life giving spirit. When God breathes into a ministry there will be order, growth and beauty in that ministry. When God breathes into a business there will be productivity, fruitfulness, and profit in that business. When God breathes upon a mind,

Prayer & Spiritual Sight

2 Kings 2:10 Elisha, like many of us wanted something God alone can make happen for him. He wanted something that was hard to achieve but not impossible. That it's hard does not make it impossible. The things you want from God may be impossible for man to do for you, it may seem impossible considering your circumstance or situation but it does not mean it's not achievable with God. When God's Spirit is moving, when God's Spirit is at work, all things are possible. Genesis 1:2 John 3:8 The things we want from God are not impossible for us to have, the issue lyes more in the fact that we can't see ourselves having what we want from God. Spiritual blindness is a great disadvantage. Matthew 15:14 What you see matters. It is God's will that we have spiritual sight. Genesis 13:15 It is God's will that the eyes of our understanding is open. Ephesians 1:18 What Elisha wanted from God was not impossible. Though it was a hard thing he asked, if he

Kingdom Sight

Genesis 13:15 Kingdom sight is heaven's view on a matter. It is seeing things as heaven sees it. People of heavenly citizenship are God's people. A citizen of heaven is a kingdom person. Philippians 3:20 A kingdom person is a person of faith. Faith has eyes. It has spiritual eyes. God wants you to see. It is not God's will for you to journey through life without 'eyes'. Your imagination should act as the eyes of your faith. Genesis 11:6 Your understanding is the eyes of your heart. Ephesians 1:18 Jesus Christ is the light of the world and those who follow Him do not stumble through life. John 8:12 Jesus Christ makes provision for you to have 'internal' light. The light that He is helps us to 'see', He lights us up on the inside. A kingdom person should not be spiritually blind. We are the ones who have the light of life. John 1:4 Abraham is the earthly father of faith. He has the distinction of being the 'father' of a

Your Prayer & Your Intercessor

Ephesians 6:18 The scripture has a lot to say about praying for one another - intercession. Our personal prayers and the intercession we receive go together and work for our good. Philippians 1:19 Receiving prayers is as important as the prayers we pray for ourselves. No one is too anointed for intercession from others. That you're anointed is more of the reason you need as much prayer as you can get. The anointing attracts enemies, envy and jealousy. When the Philistines heard that David of Judah has been anointed to become king of Israel too they came to fight him. The anointing upon your life can attract fights you are not expecting. For this reason you need prayer. Nobody succeeds alone. You need a prayer partner. You need the prayer of the brethren. Deuteronomy 32:30 When there is sufficient prayer and agreement, great things happen and exploits take place. Matthew 18:19,20 The reason many people don't take advantage of the intercession available to the

Take Those Steps!

Acts 3:1-8 Faith is an action, it will make you take steps. This is not the season to delay what you know you should be doing. This is not the time to procrastinate. This is not the time to turn back from the right path. This is the time to be courageous. This is the time and season for action. Be courageous before it is too late. Deuteronomy 31:6 You won't always have the time or opportunity to be brave. Opportunities are not always there forever. You won't always have the time and strength to do what you can do now. There was a season in David's life when he was a strong, vibrant warrior leading the king's army and there was another season when he was an old king who couldn't fight anymore but was waiting peacefully for death. David would not have been the man whose writings are blessing generations and the shepherd boy whose fighting exploits brought him to prominence if he wasn't willing to take steps. 1 Samuel 17:32 To obey God will requi

Life And Boxing

 I like boxing, especially heavy weight boxing. When I came across the picture above I liked it immediately and felt it is right for this article because the quote is just apt for this topic I thought to write on. Life is like boxing in many ways, more so when you consider what life is about from a philosophical and spiritual perspective. In life, you don't automatically get what you deserve. You get what you fight for. Life gives to you what you negotiate for. In life you negotiate by 'fighting' for what you want. Boxing is a fight, it is a fight of two contenders who are contesting for the same glory, the same honor, the same position, the same belt! The aim of each boxer is to emerge victorious, to out box, out shine, or be preferred over his opponent. In life we go for job interviews. When we go for job interviews our aim is to be victorious at the interview, to outshine, do better or hopefully be preferred or favored over other candidates who want the s