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Mental Health & The End Times

 Mark 5:1-19 The scripture passage above shows us that mental health is a long standing issue with humanity. We see Jesus healing people with mental health and disabilities in scripture. The state of people's mental health is a big issue in today's world. Mental health is a big issue because it affects how we relate with one another, it affects our self worth, our confidence, our self self esteem, and our perspective on life's issues. These are areas that God cares about concerning us. This is why the issue of mental health is one that God cares about when it comes to humanity. In our text passage Jesus healed an uncontrollable lunatic.  Jesus has power over mental health issues . Jesus heals disabilities too. We see him heal a bent woman (disabled). Luke 13:11-13 Disabilities undermine our dignity. Disabilities are not limited to our physical bodies alone, we have spiritual disabilities too. Whatever form of disability an individual has, we see from the scriptures that unc

Maturity In Difficult Times

 1 Corinthians 13:11 God doesn't want us to remain little children, He wants us to mature into sonship. God's will is that we mature in Christ Jesus and not remain babes in Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 3:1, 2 God's will is that we grow in the Word and start feeding on the ''meat'' of God's Word and not remain babies who keep drinking the ''milk'' of God's Word. Hebrews 5:12-14 Babies are cute, beautiful, gifts from God to the family they are born into. Their birth brings or should bring joy to their parents. Despite this, no parent wants their baby to remain a baby forever no matter how lovely the child is at that stage of his/her life. Parents want their children to grow up and mature. As it is with earthly parents, so it is with our spiritual/heavenly Father. Our heavenly Father wants us to grow up and become sons in the image of Jesus Christ that He is proud of. Romans 8:29 There are benefits, opportunities, gifts and plans  earthly

Waiting On God, In Difficult Times

 Isaiah 40:31 Waiting involves being patient, enduring, continuing to trust, service and being still. Waiting is not always an easy thing, especially when it comes to waiting on God. Perilous/difficult times will try your patience and test your endurance. Waiting on God in life's journey will be required for every believer at different times and phases of the believers life. Patience is an aspect of waiting. To wait on God will require being patient with God and for God. It requires being patient for God's direction, instruction, and signals. Patience is necessary to avoid unnecessary mistakes in our lives and to make our faith work, for faith and patience work together. Hebrews 6:12 Enduring is also a part of patience. Endurance is necessary to go through the process successfully that God requires us to go through. Endurance is necessary for making it to the end and receiving rewards from God. Matthew 24:13 Waiting on God also implies trusting God. It is to not take steps we w