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Into The New Year Service

By the grace of God we will be having a watch-night service, it's a great way to go into the New Year. Our New Year's Eve service will be a blessing from God. Service time is 10 pm. Kindly join us as we pray into the New Year. This is the best way to enter 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The Dangers Of Offense

Matthew 11:6, Luke 7:23, Luke 17:1-4 God doesn't joke with His children being offended. This topic about offense is worth looking into because offense is an issue Jesus specifically talked about. Offense was something Jesus experienced first hand in His life and ministry. Mark 3:5,6, John 15:25 His ministry success offended some people because He had the crowd. Luke 8:4 His birth offended and rattled a King. Matthew 2:1-15 His wisdom offended some people. Matthew 13:54-57 His miracles offended some people. Mark 12:10-14 His assignment offended some groups of people. John 2:19,20 If you are anything like your Master Jesus Christ, expect offense from some people. John 15:18-20 Don't expect everyone to like you. Don't expect everyone to approve of what you're trying to do, no matter how noble it is. The disciples of Jesus offended the authorities of the day by doing the right thing. Joseph's dream offended his brothers. Joseph didn't make up his dr


Colossians 3:17 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Thanksgiving to God should be a culture and a lifestyle for God's people. It is clear from the scriptures we read that thanksgiving should be a daily occurance, it's  not something that should be a one off or once in a while act. Thanksgiving comes about from a heart of gratitude, and we should be grateful to God at all times. We cannot afford to be miserly with giving God thanks, because giving God thanks for all He does for you is part of how He receives His glory! And God has said in Isaiah 42:8 that He will not share or yield His glory to anyone. God's goodness is constant in our life, so our thanksgiving should be constant to God. What would happen to us if God only gave us air to breath once in a blue moon? Where would we be if God was a miser? If God was blessing us ONLY according to how many times we showed gratitude, how blessed would you be? Thanksgiving is for all seasons, not only good times. Habakkuk 3:17-18


Matthew 4:1-11 'It is written' is a very powerful spiritual platform to operate from in the place of prayer. 'It is written' is the grounds upon which Jesus defeated Satan in our Bible passage- Matthew 4:1-11 'It is written' is our basis for defeating and overcoming the devil, the tempter. 'It is written' is the highest spiritual force. Psalm 138:2 When we say 'It is written' we are saying we know our spiritual right, we are saying we know what God has put in place for us to be blessed and for things to happen for God's glory and our favor. God cannot lie. God's Word is truth, so when we rightly divide God's Word we can overcome in any situation we find ourselves. When we begin to pray God's Word, activities take place in the Spirit. When we say 'It is written' like Jesus said in Matthew 4, we are bringing the Word to bear on a situation! By rightly applying God's Word we can overcome wrong thoughts, tempt


Matthew 5:13 1 Peter 2:9 John 1:12, 13 God is not asking you to be another person. God wants you to be your unique self in Christ Jesus. You are unique. You have a divine uniqueness that God has given to you, which is your own 'flavor', your own  unique 'taste' that you are meant to add to the Kingdom of God and the world at large.  Luke 12:32 That's  why you are the salt of the earth. Jesus said each of His followers are the salt of the earth, so to understand your uniqueness you will have to have some insight into what salt is and its qualities. As salt is useful to humanity, so you are useful to humanity and the Kingdom of God. a) Salt has a unique taste : Jesus made it clear we must not loose our taste, our saltiness. The moment we do we are no longer who God created us to be. b)  Salt has a clear white appearance : white is a color associated with purity, and cleanness. This is what the Word of God and blood of Jesus does for us. Amon

Activating The Presence Of God

Text : Isaiah 57:15 Humility attracts God's presence. If you truly have the presence of God, you'll stand at an advantage in life. Psalm 144:2-8 If God's presence is with you, then rest assured God hears you. Matthew 28:20 The presence of God gives us an appetite for the Word of God, and the Word of God takes us from glory to glory, from faith to faith and strength to strength spiritually. The Lord has designed us to constantly change in every area of our lives and never stay stagnant. The presence of God makes us Christ like, and God's presence makes us evolve into the image and likeness of God. When we start transitioning into the man or woman God has called us to be, we are positioned for answered prayer. The presence of God is with God's sons and daughters, those who have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and savior. Acts 17:28 How can the presence of God be contacted ? 1) Through salvation. Romans 10:9,10 2) Praying for the baptism of God'

Prayer: According To God's Word

Text : Luke 1:26- 38 The answer of Mary the mother of Jesus to the angel Gabriel is not only the attitude and mindset every christian should have to prophecy and God's Word, it also reflects a fundamental truth about prayer it shows us the basis upon which our spiritual life and prayer life should built. 1 Timothy 4:5 Good prayer, God glorifying prayer should be according to God's Word. John 15:7 When a good prophecy comes your way, say like Mary "be it unto me according to your Word" When a christian or servant of God prays for you, and you say 'Amen' you are saying 'so be it' and that means "be it unto me according to Jesus" and Jesus is the Word. John 1:1, Revelation 3:14 The Word of God is so important to our prayer life, the Word of God, when rightly divided in the place of prayer our assurance that we are praying right, not wrongly. James 4:3 The Bible talks about rightly dividing the Word of truth, one of the ways we do that i


Jeremiah 10:6 1 Chronicles 16:25 Psalm 96:4 There is the greatness of God and the greatness of His works. The greatness of God's work is the greatness of His creation, and you are one of His creation. God's greatness is part of His glory. Greatness is one of the many attributes of God. God is a great God. God's ways are high and great. Isaiah 55:9 God's name is great. Joshua 7:9 God's hand is great. 2 Chronicles 6:32 God's Kingship is great. Psalm 47:2 God's city is great. Matthew 5:35 God's works are great. God's faithfulness is great. God's love and compassion is great. God's memory is great. God's power is great God's rewards are great God's Kingdom is great. The greatness of God is part of His uniqueness. God's greatness is above all things. 1 Chronicles 29:11 God is greater than all things- physical and spiritual. All things physical and spiritual came into existence through God. Because God is