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Extra Oil

  Matthew 25:1-13 An aspect of wisdom is adequate preparation. What distinguished 5 out of 10 virgins as wise in the text passage above is adequate preparation. They had enough oil for their desired aim, which was to go with the bridegroom when he arrived. Do you have enough in place to achieve your desired aim? Have you adequately prepared? In life we have to be ready and prepared to achieve our aims and target, especially toward the coming of the Lord. There is 'extra' available in God. There is 'extra' in store in the kingdom. That 'extra' can and will make all the difference! It made the difference for the 5 wise virgins. The wise go for the available extra in God. There is extra wisdom, extra favor, extra goodness, extra mercy, and extra power in God, all available for the believer. In God there is extra oil for your pilgrim journey on earth. Matthew 25:4 In the parable of the virgins we see 10 virgins with lamps. The lamps represent our spiritual walk. The

Being Positive In Negative Times

  Romans 15:13 The text passage above shows that we can have joy, peace, and overflow with hope as we trust God. God does this work in us irrespective of how negative things may look and be in the world. Jesus had a positive mindset of possibilities . When He saw the blind, He knew they could see again. John 9:1-11 When He saw a lunatic He knew the lunatic could be restored in his mental health. Mark 5:1-19 When He came across the dead, He was positive enough to believe the dead is asleep. Luke 8: 51-52 When He encountered demons He knew they could be cast out. Luke 8:1,2 In negative situations, Jesus was positive in His view and outlook. Negativity and darkness never overcame Him. John 1:5 That's how we should be and live. The darkness of this world should not overcome us. Negative and dark times may be upon the world and may continue for a season, in the midst of it all we can be positive in God. Romans 5:1,11 As light is the answer to darkness, being positive in God is an answer

Growing In The Love & Spirit of God

  1 Corinthians 13:11 Love is for the mature. True godly, divine, holy love is for the mature. It is for those who are mature in the sight of God. Growth is of the kingdom of God. God wants and expects us to grow in our love walk. The kingdom of God is associated with growth from the scriptures. It is likened to a stone which grew into a mountain. Daniel 2:34-35 The kingdom of God is a constantly increasing kingdom. Isaiah 9:7 Increase is of the kingdom, as a kingdom citizen you have a right to increase and grow. 2 Peter 3:18 The Holy Spirit is the Spirit and presence of God's kingdom. It is a kingdom requirement that we grow in the Spirit and presence of God. The Holy Spirit in turn helps us grow in love. Romans 5:5 The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of love for God is love. Jesus walked in the fullness of the Spirit of God. Matthew 3:13-17 Due to the presence and fullness of the Spirit with Jesus, He demonstrated great love. Love to do God's will which made Him lay down His life. It

The Kingdom Way!

  Proverbs 14:12   &   Proverbs 16:25 Life is a journey. We can conclude on this from the two scripture passages above. It is important to know the way to your destination for the journey to be worth it. A journey requires you know the way for your journey to be successful. If you do not know the way to your destination, the journey will be futile, fruitless, frustrating, and purposeless. Before the world labelled us Christians (which means Christ-like), the followers of Christ were called people of the way . Acts 9:2 Acts 19:9 Acts 22:4 The way referred to Jesus Christ and His teachings. Acts 19:23 The believers in Jesus, back in the days before they were called Christians were people many believed knew t he way to God, to the kingdom of God, to having a relationship with God, and living in the will of God. Today, we should still be known as people of the way ! WE should be pointing people to God and being able to tell people about the gospel of the kingdom of God. There are diffe