Extra Oil

 Matthew 25:1-13

An aspect of wisdom is adequate preparation.

What distinguished 5 out of 10 virgins as wise in the text passage above is adequate preparation.

They had enough oil for their desired aim, which was to go with the bridegroom when he arrived.

Do you have enough in place to achieve your desired aim?

Have you adequately prepared?

In life we have to be ready and prepared to achieve our aims and target, especially toward the coming of the Lord.

There is 'extra' available in God.

There is 'extra' in store in the kingdom.

That 'extra' can and will make all the difference!

It made the difference for the 5 wise virgins.

The wise go for the available extra in God.

There is extra wisdom, extra favor, extra goodness, extra mercy, and extra power in God, all available for the believer.

In God there is extra oil for your pilgrim journey on earth.

Matthew 25:4

In the parable of the virgins we see 10 virgins with lamps.

The lamps represent our spiritual walk.

The virgins represent Christians , those who claim to be of God's kingdom.

Lamps are used during dark times when there is no light, just as torch lights are also used in modern times.

What batteries are to torch lights is what oil is to lamps.

On a journey you'll need light to see at night time.

The smart pilgrim or traveler will ensure he/she has enough batteries to power his/her torch light, or else the traveler/pilgrim may be stuck at night time.

You need enough oil for your spiritual and life journey.

We are in the night season of life.

We are in times  when darkness has come upon the earth.

Isaiah 60:2

We are in times when we need to have batteries for our torch lights and oil for our lamps.

We are in times when it will be wise to have extra oil for our lamps and extra batteries for torch lights.

In the parable, we see those who made it were those who had extra oil.

If you are going to make it you will need extra oil. so when the oil of yesterday runs out you will have extra oil for the rest of the journey.

This is how to make it till we meet with our Lord and Savior.

5 virgins made it out of 10 virgins, 5 were wise, 5 were foolish.

Matthew 25:2

To be in the camp of the wise, go for the extra available to you in the kingdom of God.

Go for extra oil.

You need it to power your spiritual walk and to meet the Lord Jesus when He comes.

Matthew 25:10

The oil represents the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The oil you carry in your lamp comes from your relationship/fellowship with God's Spirit.

Flow with the Spirit, go for extra oil.

Olutosin Ogunkolade, shares this message.


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