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Inspiration: A Key To Direction

2 Timothy 3: 16-17 This masterpiece we call the Bible is a product of inspiration. Inspiration is a major way God directs. Wisdom brings direction. Ecclesiastes 10:10 (KJV) Inspiration from God births wisdom. The Bible, which is a book that acts as a direction manual to Christians is a product of inspiration. Inspiration is from the breath of God which is God's Spirit. Job 27:3 Inspiration from God creates understanding in man. Job 32:8 When we have an understanding of what to do in each situation, direction automatically follows. It is God's will that His inspiration will flow out of His children resulting in wisdom, understanding and direction. John 7:38 This inspiration is what Jesus referred to as "rivers of living water" flowing out of us. As followers of Christ, a fountain of inspiration has been put in us by God which is from the Holy Spirit within us. It is not in every situation of life we will hear a voice from God speaking to us. There wil

Understanding The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-17 The Holy Spirit works through us in two major ways, WITHIN US and UPON US. There is the Spirit within and the Spirit upon. It is the same Holy Spirit working in two different ways. The Spirit within creates the fruit of the Spirit within us, the Holy Spirit  within us creates the nature of God in us. He shows we belong to God. Galatians 5:22,23 The Spirit upon is a fullness of the same Holy Spirit. This is what we call the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. To have the Spirit upon, you must have already had the Spirit within. You  must have had the nature of Jesus which takes place when we give our lives to Jesus, when we become born-again. Ephesians 4:30 The Holy Spirit working within us is as important as the Holy Spirit working upon us. None is more important than the other. Each operation of the Holy Spirit is important and needed. The Spirit of God upon us brings exploits. Jesus, David, King Saul, Samson and the disciples performed exploits by God's Spir

Ensuring Answers To Prayers

Jeremiah 33:3 People pray because people believe God can answer their prayer. People pray with the hope that things will get better. People pray because they accept there is a God who hears them. People become discouraged when they pray but they don't see any result. Proverbs 13:12 We can and we should get answers to prayer. 2 Chronicles 7:14 There are things we can do to ensure we get answers to prayer. There are laws for life and prayer - Psalm 94:12 When our prayers are unanswered, it is not God's fault. James 4:3 God is a perfect and kind God. Most times when our prayers are unanswered, it has to do with us, let us look inwards. God is a God of principles! When we follow the principles God has laid down, we get the results He wants us to have. A major principle of life which applies to prayer is SEED TIME and HARVEST. Genesis 8:22 Seed time and harvest is a principle farmers work with. To have a harvest, farmers work on the soil, seed, and water. Spiri

Interpreting Your Dreams.

Job 33:15-18 Matthew 1:20-22 God can bring directing to you through dreams! Dreams can be a means through which God speaks to His people. The Bible is filled with people God spoke to in the form of dreams. If God spoke to people in the past through dreams, it means God still speaks to people through dreams today. God can use the medium of dreams to talk to us because dreams come when we are still and peaceful. When we are asleep God can get across to us because the distractions of daily life is  not occurring around us. Job 33:15-18 When we are busy, working and going about the day we can miss God's still, small voice when it comes. Psalm 46:10 The secret to divine dreams is to understand and accurately interpret what God is saying to us. Genesis 41:39 It is worth noting that it's not every dream that's from God. Dreams can come from our mental realm, which is the result of things we have stored in our minds or things we have been thinking about. Dreams can a

The Criteria For Leadership

Deuteronomy 1:13 Wisdom, understanding and knowledge are the necessary requirements for leadership in any area of life. God provides direction through leadership. We are all leaders in one capacity or another. We all lead in one capacity or another. Leadership is very important because the leader determines the direction their followers will go. A leader provides direction. The direction a company, a church, a ministry, a marriage or a family will take is determined by the leader. A President is the leader of a nation. The Presidents ideas or policies will determine the direction of that nation. God is a leader, so He provides direction. He is a leader, so He shepherds. God leads us in wisdom. Wisdom and skill are linked. Ecclesiastes 10:10 To enjoy the direction of a leader, you have to submit to the leadership of the leader. If we want God's direction this Month and beyond we must be ready to submit to His leadership. James 4:7 Leadership is one of the ways Go

Join Us Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the 21st of May 2015 by 5pm, The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly will be hosting the book launch of Pastor Olutosin Ogunkolade titled ' What's Marriage Got To Do With It ?' Come around, support us, encourage us and come and rejoice with us. Get your copy of What's Marriage Got To Do With It? at the event as well as the audio version of the book! You will be glad you did. Our ministry is a Kingdom minded , Jesus focused , teaching ministry, that is mandated to teach God's Word and spread God's Light. We open twice a week, on Sundays (12 mid day to 2:30pm) and Wednesdays (7pm to 9pm). For the benefit of the book launch we will be in our rented hall from 5pm to 9pm at the latest on Saturday the 21st of May 2016, that's tomorrow! Find out more about our Pastor's new book. Get to know more about our church! Meet our Pastor and his family. Make new friends! Bring a friend or loved one. It promises to be great. Come to an atmosph


Psalm 32:8 Through prayer you can access divine direction. Divine direction is God showing you what to do, where to go and how to do a thing. It can come as a strategy or an instruction. Divine direction is applicable to every area of life, just as prayer is applicable to every area of your life. You can pray about everything and anything. You can also be directed in everything that concerns you. Divine direction is simply God shepherding you. Psalm 23:1 When God is the one shepherding you, He becomes committed to protecting you. Shepherds direct and protect their sheep. So divine direction attracts divine protection. Exodus 23:20 Prayers of direction go ahead of God's direction. 2 Samuel 5:17-25 Examples Of People Who Prayed For Direction & God directed them : a) David : David had to fight his enemies the Philistines. Before each fight he went to the stronghold to pray and God directed him twice. When David and his men's wives and possessions were taken


Psalm 5:8 Psalm 27:11 The Satnav or G.P.S is a modern day compass. The G.P.S is a useful and intelligent device. It is an invention that's very clever and has helped us greatly, especially with regards to transportation.  It helps us get from where we are to where we want to go. We need to get to our dreams, our purpose, our positions and our place in destiny. This calls for direction! Life is a journey. Life is a long journey that has many twists and turns, because of this you will need direction. God your Father who is the Spirit knows you need direction in life. He hasn't left you to yourself. He has provided direction for you in the person of the Holy Spirit. He has made direction available to you through His Word. God wants to direct you. The Holy Spirit is the compass of life. You can also liken the Holy Spirit to the satellite our phone maps and Satnav devices are connected to by a specially made software. The Bible can be likened to our Satnav device