Blessed To Triumph!

 1 Corinthians 15:57

We are called to be victorious.

Through Jesus Christ we have the victory, so God deserves our praise and worship.

The blessing of God causes us to triumph.

Our true identity is in the blessing of God.

Adam (the first man) was blessed like his creator is.

He was blessed with the likeness and image of God.

Genesis 1:26

He had that image and likeness until the enemy deceived his wife and they both fell.

The blessing departed and the first curse came upon Adam, his wife Eve, and humanity.

The curse changed the world, and the pattern and order God had put in place.

God did not leave humanity without hope.

Our creator made an opportunity for the glory and blessing Adam lost to be restored to humanity through the second Adam. Jesus Christ is the second Adam. He is the last Adam.

Romans 5:17

The glory and blessing given to man causes us to triumph and prevail, succeed and do well in life.

Genesis 1:28

The power of Satan in whatever form- witchcraft, voodoo, sorcery, divination, evil prayers, enchantments, black magic cannot defeat or overcome the blessing of God upon the life of a son/daughter of God.

Numbers 23:23

The believer, the sons of God, cannot be cursed or defeated by the power of Satan.

It is our responsibilities not to give him access to our lives through loopholes on our part.

A big part of the blessing, of being blessed is knowing the blessing is in you and upon you.

The blessing of God is part of our identity.

1 Corinthians 15:49

This is why Satan attacked the identity of Eve and she fell for his deception.

Genesis 3

The Apostle Paul worried for the Corinthians, that they could be deceived by the serpent (devil's) cunning.

2 Corinthians 11:3

The strategy of the enemy on humanity particularly God's people is one of attacking their identity.

He seeks to strip us of the blessing and glory on our lives by keeping people ignorant of who God has created them to be!

When God's blessing starts in an individual's life, one of the first things God does for the individual is to fix the individual's identity. He reveals our identity to us.

Gideon's identity was revealed to him as the blessing of God started in his life.

Judges 6:12

From that point on, Gideon began to triumph and perform exploits.

Every triumphant believer has found his/her identity in God.

Daniel 11:32

The blessing of God is for you, it makes you reflect God, and manifest as the royalty you are.

Begin to triumph!

Olutosin a Teacher-Pastor shares this message!


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