The Journey Of Faith

 Psalm 119:105

Faith is needed for the journey of life.

Life is meant to be a journey of faith.

Too many people live by what they feel. see, touch, smell, and hear and that's why they haven't been stable in their faith or spiritual walk.

Many have limited life to the physical senses, and perhaps they shouldn't be blamed, that is what they have known all their lives and perhaps what they have been taught.

Faith is beyond the senses of touch, smell, sight, taste, or hearing.

The discipline needed to live a life of faith or go on a journey of faith is just not there for many.

It takes discipline to walk with God and be all we should be in life.

It's necessary to be disciplined about how we spend or invest our time.

It's necessary to be disciplined with our money/finances.

It's necessary to be disciplined before God and in the place of prayer.

It's necessary to discipline our body.

It's not always everything the body demands that we have to give it, or else it will take us to places we shouldn't go or be. Discipline your body.

I Corinthians 9:25-27

It took remarkable discipline on Abraham's part to leave the comfort of his father's house to go on a journey of faith with God without seeing the full picture, and having all the details.

Genesis 12:1-5

So many people don't walk with God because they don't have the full details and can't see the full picture of what God is trying to do with them.

If God shows us the full picture and gives us the full details of how our life and spiritual journey comes together like a jigsaw puzzle and the present or generational impact of it, you wouldn't need faith anymore.

Faith pleases God.

Faith is trusting God, doing what God instructs, and having confidence in God.

God loves faith, God rewards faith, and God is pleased by faith.

Hebrews 11:6

Angels notice our faith, and the cloud of witnesses rejoice and cheer at our faith in God.

Our life is meant to be an exciting faith journey of trusting God, obeying God, and having confidence in God.

The faith journey will not always be an easy one.

It is not always easy because you will have to learn to trust God over your natural senses.

The faith journey is a journey full of exciting rewards, encouragement, and favor which makes for a unique life.

It is a journey of learning to live out of the kingdom.

On the journey of faith, get ready to battle fear, the flesh, falsehood, deception, and evil.

It is a journey that will require the faith of Jesus Christ which is available to us.

Romans 3:22

Olutosin Ogunkolade shares this message!


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